Currently, young designers discover the balcony as a new field. They develop smart products that are practical and stylish.

The balcony is perhaps the only place in the modern home, which has been spared so far from great design invasions. As has become true in recent years, especially kitchen and bathroom modern interior designers are like objects, the balcony is currently still a design Barrens. Jasper Morrison has just designed a modest birdhouse. Philippe Starck and Marcel Wanders do have toilet bowls, garbage cans or bags designed on the balcony but the design stars seem to have no real desire. Perhaps you feel the cool design audience, it also simply be too corny to sit on the balcony and to pour his geraniums. Since then prefer to dream of a spacious terrace or the art nouveau villa in the countryside.

New design ideas for the balcony

Unfortunately, most of the design freaks there is but an old apartment in one of the usual scene and districts need to request fresh air out on the damned thing balcony. To be there does not have as real fun. The course is narrow and rather neglected. The empties piled up, it can store running shoes in the corner of Entmieten. However, it should be just the Wastes and wastelands not underestimate the modern life. For here have not played through all the ideas. Above all, a box opens up for young design talent. Said Michael Hilgers rephorm from Berlin, with his young company fully specialized in urban design ideas for balcony plants.


Almost all rephorm products use existing structures on the balcony, to attach themselves there, or clamp. The flower container cutting, for example, is simply placed on the balcony railing and sits safely and securely. The cutting is also upgradeable with trellises. Once the trellises wear their flowers, you have a stylish privacy from the not so friendly neighbor balcony automatically. The rephorm balcony light can be secured without tools on the railing. Hilgers does not need a parasol standing in the way kilo heavy concrete base, but is simply stuck between floors and ceilings.

Gardening in a small space

The illustrator, comic artist and product designer Christian Lessing, Dusseldorf has been particularly the problem of space taken on balcony. Lessing has developed a modular furniture system that adapts to each parapet. In the basic element can be table seating or planters simply hook. If necessary, the individual elements are again folded away. So you can sit in style breakfast in the fresh air, and gardening .

Lessing with the “Oriental window” itself a solution to all dwellings in the program without balcony. The frame can be hung in the window with little effort. On the steps can be accommodated pots of flowers or herbs. It can be as plow as a kitchen garden or simply get a little green views. These two examples show rephorm and Lessing: At the time of the staycation is picky pansies growing slowly to an end. Michael Hilgers see from the balcony rephorm as architectural appendage, which can be converted into a green room. The balcony is no longer unused wasteland, but is part of the modern design Wohnensembels.