Want to design your own kitchen? Or simply want to buy it new? In this guide I will explain step by step what you need to know to design a tailor-made environment, and especially for you. Of course, because the kitchen is one of the most significant rooms and lived in the home, then you need to pay close attention to the selections. This way you can have a space that represents you and responds to your tastes and habits. Good design!

The first thing to do is to get a map of the kitchen, with precise measurements and an indication of the attacks of electricity, gas and water. Be very precise, especially in the indication of the attack on the water because it is a fixed point in the composition of the kitchen. As well examine to possess already a clear thought about the type of environment you want to accomplish: one space open where you entertain guests or a space dedicated to the family?


Placement of furniture: depends on the space available, the location of the attacks and from your ideas. The provisions are commonly used: an island: it is the most fashionable, imported from America. Provides for the disposal of appliances on the island, which means moving the plants in the middle of the room. Around the island should remain a space of 120 cm to pass. This solution is used in open space. Angled: this provision is useful for medium-sized spaces, there must be available to at least 250 to 250 cm; double corner is on three sides, so you need a space in width from 250 to 280 cm. Speaking: it represents the best solution for tight spaces: it equips a single wall. If you have a very small space I suggest you look for appliances with reduced size and dimensions of the whole based on actual usage.

For the dimensioning of the elements must be remembered mainly two things: the first is the height of the bases ranging from 85 to 100 cm to avoid bad posture; the second concerns the cupboards. The larger and contain more, but we must always find a good balance between utility and aesthetics! Better to choose wall cabinets closer to the basics in order to have a feeling of more space to spare. Finishes: always remember to provide a good lighting system. In addition to the classic chandelier, is useful to have the spotlights under cabinets to illuminate directly across the floor of the kitchen. If desired, this type of lighting can also be used in the lecture notes. At this point you can start to make some estimates, and do not forget to add in the price the cost of shipping and installation! Eye even at the time of delivery and the length of the warranty.