First we clarify a concept not clear to many: the feng shui is not a scientific thing, nor has any feedback verified by laws of nature. Feng shui is a furnishing philosophy: we could call it a fantastic research on some principles of inhabiting a House. For this reason calls into question things like proper placement of furniture, so the cardinal points, colors, materials. All things that recall the native land of this art, a little fanciful “esoterica”. Will explain in simple terms what are the major principles of feng shui, which should be furnished a House, bearing in mind that this has nothing to do with the architecture and the exact sciences. Feng shui is not infrequently calls into question the Chinese horoscope and astrology. Apart from these inputs that would understand not knowing Chinese culture, will be exposed to the concepts of furniture easier and reading practice. The 3 will be followed patterns based on 3 key features: colors, materials, interior arrangements.

In feng shui, colors are crucial, because each color is associated with a capacity of emanation of forces or emotions. Therefore, in cover a wall or choose colors for any element refers to: Blue, work-related, career; yellow, the color that best stimulates creativity and thus is referred to in the children’s game rooms; Green, restful and stimulating color and suitable for places of study; Red, that expresses knowledge, understanding; Blue, the color of the family, favors the relationships and intimacy. Already in this step and then we can see how these color associations to ideas or suggestions are very archaic conceptions which vary from point to point on the globe. For example I bet that few in Italy butterfingered of bright red, their room, which in China is more than likely to find.


In feng shui is often referred to as items 5 items to which is associated with a certain power and a specific allocation of forces. The five elements are water, fire, Earth, wood, metal. Each matches various things like seasons, emotions, shapes, materials and animals. But to delve into this thing, there would be no need for a nice trip to the Orient, because to us it’s really hard to understand this kind of culture and understand already from these few lines, as is all about rather uncertain and imaginative again.

Another fundamental point of feng shui is the arrangement according to the cardinal points. This discussion has a broader compliance, you go by the choice of furnishing elements (e.g. North bed that “would favour the rest”), the choice of the place where to build a building, the choice of urban-scale streets. This question which we Westerners looks really absurd, in China is very recognized, to the extent that they are often given assignments like the choice of land where construction of such special experts in this art or breadwinners. Same goes for the interior design, even for the provision of environments, such as every room, which has its own function, must be prepared according to a precise compass direction depending on whether you want to promote your work, feelings, luck or positive energies. Submission should be placed some animals such as dragons green eastward, for protection from negative influences. Other measures are for example to encourage housing plants square or rectangular shaped, free of sharp corners and do not have access roads towards the House too twisty.

In short: with these jokes he wanted to expose a piece of Eastern culture on the subject of housing, but it is clear, and it is right to reiterate this, that this is not scientific but rather, things in the West would call superstitions. And it is good if you really held in the heart of the home, and its responsiveness to the needs of our days, relying on qualified persons on the subject, that with great sacrifices, they got a real ability to build and furnish, and that, historically, has always been a pride for the whole Italy: architects. Forget superstitions and fantasies of other cultures and concentrate instead on the huge and historically valuable opportunities of the world’s greatest nation!