Have you looked at magazines, furniture and you have an idea of ​​the type of cuisine that you would like? Now, after taking measurements of the room where the kitchen stepsister, we try to organize it, considering the size of the furniture that will make.

• The kitchen is composed of multiple modules of 15cm, 60cm is the standard form, then there are modules of 30 cm, 45 cm, 90 cm and 105 cm. The standard depth of the bases is 60 cm, but greater depths are commercially available (80-90 cm) that allow a better view of the work plan. The standard height of the base is 85 cm (top off), but this measure must be adapted to the stature of those who use the kitchen. The ergonomics suggests measures based on height: 150-155 cm tall person to the base height is 75-85 cm, 160-175 cm tall people for the width should be 95-110 cm high, for those from 185 to 200 cm high the base will be 95-100 cm high.

• The standard depth of the wall is 35 cm, but can be increased if desired, but taking into consideration that must be offset with respect to the base, to avoid urticaria with the head. The standard distance between the top and the wall is 54 cm, but even this measure is not fixed, you can place them at that best suits your needs. If you have a column of course the wall will be aligned. The height of the wall units may go from a minimum of 36 cm, up to 70-96 cm.


• The base is available in different heights: 6-10-15-18 cm.
• The hood must be positioned at a height (dictated by law) of 65 cm, but this measure varies according to the maximum output of the hob and the characteristics of the hood.

• The minimum distance (front) between the wall and the top is 100 cm. In the case of a kitchen binary, U, or peninsula, the distance between the two furniture must be at least 120 cm to allow to move and to work without difficulty.
• To enable you to move comfortably behind a chair occupied, you must leave 80 cm. A chair is not occupied occupies 30 cm, 60 cm busy (obviously depends on the type of chair and who occupies the chair).

• The peninsula has variable size, depending on how you want to use it, if you plan to equip with stove and sink should be at least 90-120 cm wide. In order to move comfortably around the peninsula have to leave at least 100 cm. The peninsula may have elements contention at the bottom, but this excludes can use it as a snack area.
• The island has varying sizes, a medium size is 150×90-180×90 cm.