The bedroom is the kingdom beloved where our children play, study, develop a positive sense of ownership and natural sleep, receive their buddies and their classmates, they feel at ease, keep at hand games and various objects . For these reasons, it is vital reserve the right attention to this magical and unique detail of our house. Throughout this guide we will analyze all aspects to be taken into account before moving to the stage of actual construction of a room and try to size for children, and especially of course satisfying the color and vitality typical of childhood.


The psychological shortly. Children, as well as food and discipline led, in need of care and protection, to be safe from harm in a warm and loving people, patients and at the same time uncompromising. The best solution , in the home, is to organize the house in relation to children and to give them a room (not necessarily huge, but not necessarily narrow or oppressive) in which they feel themselves masters of : It is important however not to abuse this solution! Already modern life, the structure of our houses, the almost total absence of open spaces and safe (lawns, gardens, parks closed) in which the child can move naturally, tend to deny those experiences that were once much more frequent and easy to live with. A child in his need for autonomy and exploration of the environment is often the victim, in the anguish of domestic space (or worse of his own bedroom), obsession, order, furniture, house rules, prohibitions (not to make noise, do not touch, do not mess up, do not play in all the rooms, play without bothering others – often alone with toys that create stereotypes in miniature baby – and without complaint. To this her room, must be conceived as a place so privileged by the child, but also integrating the rest of the house and the world. E ‘important to research in the design of the room, creating a place where it can move freely, safely explore, play and learn without too many restrictions, thus guaranteeing the acquisition of a good battery life and a fundamental belief in himself.


The importance of a child-proof room. When you think of a child, you should contact an eye to our house and especially the bedroom and paying special care to the basic rules for the safety of home infant. Children are, unfortunately, with the women who work at home, the main victims of domestic accidents. All clear, therefore, protection for the outlets, corner blocks for drawers and doors, gates for stairs and steps: Our job is to make the home as safe as possible. Specifically, with reference to our article, it is good to make the room childproof and therefore is required to be certified and having the following characteristics: health, function, strength and endurance.

1. Furniture: must be particularly robust, with rounded edges and made ​​of suitable materials (non-toxic and fire). For example, the table must protect the child from falls and joints. If you choose sunbeds equipped with side bars , regardless that they are at a distance of between 6 and 8 cm. It ‘good to position the bed with sides high enough and have possible side closure system and appropriate security. Warning: bunk beds must be logically with sidebars fall. Better materials: wood, ceramics, marble floors; walls with non-toxic paints, wood or plastic for furniture; metals.

2. Toys: remember not to put them too far over the top to not push the little climbing. Better to have drawers, boxes (like those of the great Ikea ), baskets and containers placed on the ground.

3. Lamps and electrical devices: to fix mandatory up and out of their reach: high on a shelf or shelves.