You are ready. You just have to undo the walls. Make sure the amounts are free from nails and screws. And for that matter, check the exterior wall to examine if all is well done. Install, if necessary, a new vapor barrier foil-lined polyethylene (commonly known as polythene), the shiny side facing you. This will prevent moisture accumulation. And, if you do not have access to the pipe by the underground, it is time to undo the floor to reposition the plumbing. Walk on joists or build a pedestal, if the chosen style permits.

Take the opportunity to install ball valves on piping in order to shut off the water if something goes wrong. They are more effective than the valve washer, you will need to replace, at one time or another.Feel free to ask for advice or hire a plumber. There is nothing more unpleasant than a pipe banging, snoring or leaking once the renovations are complete.


Take the opportunity to

While the walls are open, take the opportunity to install a bathroom fan. You choose with an output of four inches? more effective than having an output of three inches? and a power greater than that recommended for the size of your bathroom. You will not regret it! Install a separate control for improved efficiency. Make sure the outlet, equipped with a trap to test wind gusts, is on an outside wall, not on the ledge or in the attic. Take this opportunity also to distribute the light. You’ll probably taken the precaution to provide lighting that will provide adequate light source for makeup and shaving of Madame Monsieur. You see, it will avoid many inconveniences, and scheduling conflicts. Also install additional lighting with dimmer switch for your relaxation, alone or in good company.

Redo the walls and floor

Once your health, your bathroom and / or shower are positioned in the right places, it’s time to redo the walls. Use drywall (gypsum) in moisture-proof. Pull the seams , making sure not to stain the floor by protecting it properly (if it has not been replaced). Then take out your brushes.

Painting a bathroom

In a bathroom, it is best to paint the plasterboard with a good layer of alkyd primer. Once the primer dry, paint it with latex paint for kitchens and bathrooms. It is more resistant to moisture and mold. For details, see our article ” All you need to know about painting ! ”

The floor

You have chosen to redo the floor? If you opted for a comfortable floor heating, you should install the electrical wiring necessary before closing the walls. Then, you’ll sink cement leveler (or cement mixed with a liquid polymer) on your floor so that the heating son stay in place. Otherwise, the auxiliary heating, type Convectair?, Will already be installed. If you install ceramic, use a grout floor and a protective silicone or epoxy grout. They will ensure superior performance.


Your new bathroom is ready, or almost. Do not skimp on the finish. Install chrome plates to hide the holes to let the pipes. Then, draw a clear silicone caulk around furniture and moldings, so they are not damaged by water that might seep. Here, the work is now complete. Sit on the toilet lid and admire your masterpiece. Then, close the door, undress you and take a bath or shower to remove dirt and sweat. You’ve earned it!