Here’s the question that John asked me how to get rid of residues which are housed in small cavities of the tiles. “Hello Alain. The renovation of our bathroom is complete, but there is a deposit of dust or material that is embedded in the small cavities of the tiles. Our contractor tells us to use vinegar, but it does not work. The tiles are dark, so they still look dirty. Someone told me about a detergent containing phosphoric acid. Do you have a solution for us to finally enjoy our new bathroom? Thank you in advance. ”

Hello John,

Often a deposit of dust sticks to the tiles after the grout. There are some products on the market to remedy the situation. Among other things, you could buy the Ceramiqueur Surf Pro II that uses a process-based single acid.

This revolutionary product will restore the color of your ceramic joints:

# It easily removes efflorescence, a white powder left on the joints and ceramic after grouting.
# It eliminates grout residue dried on ceramics.
# It works in seconds.
# Results are guaranteed.


There are also other products: simply present yourself at your local hardware store to ask him to guide you properly on the choice of product. Suzanne asks how refresh its ceramic bathroom and its joints yellow. “I want to know how to paint the wall tiles in my bathroom and how to clean ceramic tile floor, because the seals have yellowed. The house dates from 1964. Thank you! “

Hi Suzanne,

In terms of painting ceramic tiles, you can find answers in my article ” Painting ceramics “in any of these questions. In terms of ceramic joints that have yellowed, you can use the “Ceramiqueur” which is a product designed specifically for cleaning ceramic joints. If, after using this product the result is inconclusive, there is the possibility of redoing the joints.