The son arrives without warning and aspires to replace the old expensive to install alarm systems that were often not possible dialer . This simple to use and very easy to install yourself technology, you can be notified at any time of any intrusion attempt or a home from fire. This method is thus ideal for the security of your apartment but also to protect small businesses. You can find them on the web as a package and prices are quite affordable.


Composition of a standard pack for an alarm without son

The kit includes:
* a central (usually a square of twenty cm box)
* an integrated and compatible dialer with your fixed telephone line or ADSL box
* an alarm connected to the central
* one or more motion detectors
* one or more remote
* 1 telephone cable
* 12V or 15V 1 transformer to power your central
* a user manual
* batteries

The arming or arming perimeter

Many of burglar alarm system intrusion today have a special function to activate the alarm system at night. The function of arming, or perimeter protection, enables secure doors and windows keeping inactive presence detection within the dwelling. This function allows you to move freely in his house without triggering an alert system while maintaining protection against a perimeter intrusion.

Use a wireless remote or panic button

Many wireless alarm systems can be controlled by remote control or panic button. These remotes are mostly equipped with an SOS button, giving the ability to trigger the alarm system immediately and so trigger the internal and external sounders. Having always next to your sleeping a remote alarm, you can at any time initiate an alert and in this way to escape a thief trying to enter your home. In case you hear a suspicious or if you see a stranger in your sound garden , it may be appropriate to initiate a few seconds the system, the intruder quickly abandon the idea of entering your home, including that it is discovered.