Mobile homes are housing units are very versatile as the word itself suggests. They are suitable for commuting and for long legislature, but nothing prevents that becomes a real stable housing. The market offers two choices to the buyer: you can opt for a dwelling used (indicated by the periodic holidays) or there are domestic and foreign companies that deal to satisfy all types of customers in fulfilling all requests. There are many in fact, the living benefits of these units, the most obvious is the possibility of moving, but not limited to, are made ​​with environmentally friendly materials and integrate very well with the environment and with the surrounding nature.


The modern buildings are equipped with all the facilities and comfort of a common home, they are also strictly according respecting the safety of the inhabitants. Generally the length ranges from 18 m ² to 60 and beyond, everything is in everyone’s needs and budget. The savings for assembly and power consumption is significant, we talk about percentages traveling between 25 and 40%, also not be considered as a property, then it is taxed as a Motorhome or caravan. Now that we understand what we’re talking about, let’s see how you can decorate a mobile home.

The first point to consider is the size of the apartment, though small, and fill it with furniture, we can no longer enter. This type of homes can be aesthetically beautiful and comfortable, but the main aspect that distinguishes them is functional, and then as general counsel, let’s say, a few furniture’s and useful is the director to follow.

While renting it, we have no way to compose custom undergarment because already prepared in the design phase is also possible to provide space for the furniture and take advice from technical experts. We must remember, then, that there is the possibility that the module is moved and despite precautions, the objects inside are likely to move and cause damage. The same applies to the chandeliers (advised against) that must be replaced by spotlights or other type of lighting adhering to the walls.

When the quad-rate is reduced, we have often recommended the creation of a custom-made furniture, which is better suited to confined spaces. As with traditional houses, here we have the option to choose the style that we like between modern solutions, classical, country and so on. We definitely need a kitchen, a table with chairs, beds and some accessories for the bathroom. During installation, we make sure that the furnishings are well secured to the wall instead of shelves, we expect that the compartments possibly close. Avoid windows and glass doors and opt instead for a more solid closure and shock-resistant. If we need to recover space, there are many solutions called “retractable” specially designed for this purpose. Now that everything is in place, we just have to enjoy our new home!