Some time ago, I presented a column on how to dress their windows at low prices. But as the subject is quite extensive and always relevant questions, I’ve prepared a little guide to help you navigate more easily.


If you think long term and we put on sustainability, we must see this step as an investment. Depending on the size and number of windows to dress every budget requires different solutions.

Budget (less than $ 200 per window) is advocated “all done”)

Watch for sales and buy the cheap: you can easily find cheap rods, sections of curtains and blinds ready to install. Avoid making any form of buying pieces of the right length curtains for our windows. The panels 84 inches in length are often too short for the standard window. We encourage the panels 90 inches or more. Highest for windows, some retailers offer sections of 96 inches or more. If you still need to adjust the length of your curtain panels, know that some cleaners offer this service for less than $ 20 pan.

The shape of the windows

In addition to the budget constraint, it is important to dress the window according to its form, and especially how to cheat need to correct some of these problematic configurations:

* Small window on a large wall: exceed the width of the window and cover it with a curtain.
* Window centered over furniture: not exceed the width from one side to the focus.
* Bay Window without shelf: Install rods connectors to track all corners of the window and give the impression that the window is continuous.


* Bay Window with shelf: install a window shade in each pan and add a decorative curtain on each side of the window to form a whole.
* Window stuck (without clearance): the dress just a sheer overlay to store necessary. Or a decorative curtain placed on one side.
* Window form irregular cheat by not dressing the lower part.
* Window at its base with a heating system (baseboard or other): install a spacer of 4 inches to ensure that the fabric does not touch the heating system or install a fabric treated commercial firewall.

I can not conclude without reminding you that much more to invest, the more it is important to contact professionals when it comes time to plan your windows dressing designers, decorators, consultants store. To use the expertise of a person of trust and experience in this area is certainly a decision to start winning more question!