Tired of watching the joists on the ground floor to the ceiling of your basement? Bored by your flat gypsum ceiling? You are not alone! Many opportunities available to you to restore new life to your ceiling, giving relief and color while using creative solutions.

The tiles hung prove without a doubt an excellent solution to dress up the ceiling of a basement. From a practical standpoint, this type of product you will, firstly, to access the pipe in case something happens. It will save you, on the other hand, having to store or protect the furniture already in place to prevent it from covering a pile of plaster dust. Models on the market are just as many styles as you want to give space. Needs no introduction here models of ceiling tiles standards we use for many years. To inspire you for this project, we pushed the research by visiting a company specializing in tiles laminated MDF.

Tiles laminated MDF

These tiles, made in Quebec in Embassy Ceiling, are beautiful alternatives to traditional suspended ceilings. Installation is simple and the result gives us a coffered ceiling straight very attractive. Format 24 x 24 inches, they are available in 3 colors (white, maple and coffee) and can be purchased in certain department stores and in Wall and Ceiling elegant.


100% vinyl tiles

Made in the USA from a rigid vinyl, these tiles can be installed on a ceiling and some models can be glued or nailed directly to a plastered ceiling. From classic, contemporary, ancient or modern, they are light and easy to install. Moreover, they are classified A to fire, anti-allergenic, designed to reduce echo and reverberation inside, 100% recyclable and resistant to moisture. We love the fact that they are composed of 40% recycled plastic bottles! Some are even reversible, having, on the one hand, a molded appearance, and the other boxes. They are available in 6 colors.

The tiles metallic appearance

These tiles transform your ceiling into a single work of art! Some models are the same as those offered in the previous range and several other reasons are offered. Available in bronze finish, copper or tin, they could easily be mistaken for the metal. Do you dare?

Good to know

Unless your ceiling has a dimension totally adapted to the size of the tile is chosen, it will be necessary to use tile borders to encircle the room. Ask a professional, because all models are not available in tile edge. It is therefore important to choose the right edge to meet the style of the tile ceiling chosen.

If your ceiling is already provided with a suspended rail system, you only have to replace the tiles. It’s easy! By cons, if the rails are yellowed or if you want to install colored tiles, rods finish same shades as the ceiling tiles are available. Very simple to install, set the tabs with a sticker. If you install the tiles nailed or glued onto an existing ceiling, these tapes will serve as a junction to conceal the joints. To add to the insulation or increase the noise reduction coefficient, additional panels can be attached above the ceiling tiles to help create an insulating air pocket.