People often ask me what to put in the windows to dress appropriately. Sometimes there is a need for privacy as the bedroom or the bathroom, for example, and sometimes, it’s a matter of sunshine with a southern orientation where one must filter the rays for many metering the temperature of the parts.We must consider the needs, but also ensure they do not it ignores the aesthetic side. There are a wide range of type of window covering for different needs, but it is impossible to cover everything in one column. I will show you the most popular, affordable and simple to make.


Found on the market a vast range of blinds of all kinds. The horizontal, vertical ones, Romans, etc. We like them made of bamboo, wood or even tissues. They may agree to any type of windows at right angles and are usually easy to install. They can be made to measure by ordering from the supplier. Simply provide the measures of our windows and they will be factory-made or made by a seamstress (Roman shades) to fit the exact size of our windows. Obviously, this represents higher costs than if you buy the standard formats offered by various retailers. These provide blinds of various sizes, usually from 18 inches per 12 inches (18, 24, 36, 48, etc). However, this can vary from one retailer to another.



Before purchasing an awning store, it is important to measure your window. The installation of a custom store is usually done inside the window box. However, as it is rare that the dimensions of blinds available in stores are ideal for measuring inside of our windows, we will choose a pose “outside”. This means that the blind will be installed over the framing of the window. So you take the measurement of the framing and the window, because we prefer not to see framing the sides of the awning. For example, for a window measuring 32 inches wide (including frame), the store must be at least 32 inches wide. If this dimension is not available, you can go up to 36 inches wide (we will then have an excess of 2 inches on each side.

Tails curtains

Today, many retailers offer a variety of pieces of all kinds of curtains. This is an enviable alternative to custom tailoring to dress a window at the lowest price. The half-curtains may have different vocations:

Decorative Vocation: The curtains are used to cap off a window to embellish, but they do not need to close.

Vocation utility: The curtains must be able to open and close as desired to provide privacy, or providing a dark to facilitate sleep or even filter a view uninteresting.

Given the purpose of your future curtains, to begin your project, you must take the following steps:

# Width of the window (including frame).
# Window height (top of frame up on the floor).

Your rod should be installed at least 2 inches at the top of your frame, it will also dictate the length required for the piece of curtain to go down to the ground. Most parts sold in stores have a length of 84 inches. This is often insufficient for the curtain come down to the ground. Some models are available with lengths over 90 inches, which is usually adequate for all types of windows. When it’s too long, you can either shorten them or let them just fall to the ground for a more relaxed style.

Excess (dimension of the rod)

To give scale and presence to your window, and if the architecture allows, we will ensure that the curtain exceeds by at least 10 inches on each side of the window. The dramatic effect is guaranteed! This will dictate the required length for the rod. For a window 36 inches wide, you must add the excess width (10 inches). The length of the rod should be at least 56 inches.

The extent desired curtains (much or little wrinkles in the fabric)

For a beautiful pleated effect, ensures that the full width of half-measure curtains at least twice the size of the window and the excess on each side. For example, if you have a window 36 inches wide, you must make the following calculation: 36 (width of the window) + 20 (in excess of 10 inches. on each side of the window) 56 (to cover full width) x 2 (lower magnitude) 112 inches. You will then need two panels of 56 inches. Feel free to add sections as needed. The more scale, more is nice. By cons, if you plan never to have to close the curtains, you will not need as much magnitude.

Combine and store the panels for a more dramatic effect. my favorite!

To show this window, we used a Roman shade and to give breadth to the window, we added two pieces of curtains that were suspended on two small rods. For the effect of size, were installed parts of the curtain side of the window, but in ensuring that the curtain slightly covers the side of the blind.

Tip: small rods cost less than a great rod! You will see that it is quite possible to give presence to a room by improving window dressing. With this you can add some nice cushions for a brand new look!