Typically, while driving, we don’t have our mind on driving. This fact must change if we are going to avoid crashes. It is said that vehicle crashes are the second most preventable cause of death. Most everyone who drives can improve their driving knowledge even though they will defend their experience as perfect. 

We must realize vehicle crashes are caused. Therefore; they are preventable. Someone has made a mistake or someone has made a bad choice. Was this act done from lack of driving knowledge? In almost every case the lack of driving experience and driving knowledge is the cause.

Driving is one of the most dangerous activities one may ever be involved in. So Why is there almost no information provided on how to reduce crashes in highly dangerous activities? If you would like to know information about auto accident help you could choose a car accident lawyer.

driving safety tips

Vehicle crashes are a top killer in the United States with approximately 35,000 deaths every year and approximately 13,000 of these deaths are under the age of 19. These numbers should be unacceptable.

Studies show it takes 5-10 years or 50 thousand miles of driving to make on an average driver. When that youngster walks out of the driver’s test exam room with a license in hand, they don’t know any more about driving a motor vehicle than they knew when they walked in. For the next 5-10 years, they will drive by trial and error.

Somehow we have come to believe that passing the driver’s test is all that’s necessary.  The only thing left is to find that one vehicle they can call their own.

The fact is the state is not responsible for your families highway safety knowledge. That responsibility begins at home! However, most parents have no clue about common sense driving rules.

Therefore; they cannot teach their kids. To understand the dangers of driving is to improve highway safety. Highway safety is the responsibility of all drivers.

There is no doubt your teens have the ability to drive, however, they do not have the driving knowledge. Driving knowledge comes from years of driving experience.

Most everyone agrees that our young drivers need more driving knowledge before they are turned loose to drive independently on the open road. However, we are doing nothing to provide them with that essential knowledge.

In the past, there has been no place to acquire driving information. One cannot go to a book store and find a book to help improve driving skills. The state does not provide this information nor do they require anything beyond the driver’s test.

Therefore, it’s the parent or guardians responsibility to provide these inexperienced drivers with better highway safety information.   

The last thing you may say as they leave home, “Drive safe” “Be careful”. But do they really understand the depth of what you’re talking about!

Do they understand what can happen when we challenge our vehicle with the velocity of speed? Why is it necessary to keep right except to pass? Why is night time driving more dangerous? What are the untold results of D.U.I.? Why should we never involve the driver in foolish activities within a moving vehicle? While riding with others, you are no safer than the driving ability and knowledge of the driver. While it’s not always the law, why is it a good safety rule to give the same signal as the vehicle in front of you? Who has the right of way in the round about?

Driving is the most dangerous activity your children will ever be involved in. Therefore, we must give them every advantage possible to help improve their driving and highway safety knowledge.

Passing the driver’s test only gives one the legal right to learn to drive. It takes 5 to 10 years or 50,000 miles of highway driving for the average person to become a responsible driver. Until one has reached that level of driving, their highway safety is determined by trial and error.

The national car collision statistics say that almost 250,000 children are injured in car crashes every year. This means nearly 700 children are harmed every day.

Someone is injured by a car crash every 14 seconds. About two million of the people injured in these crashes suffer permanent injuries. A person dies in a car crash ever 12 minutes. These statistics are proof enough that we need to improve our driving skills.

For the most part, these automobile crashes are caused from lack of experience and driving knowledge.