Why not even make egg candles yourself? Here you will learn how to produce them and make nice. Can also be used as a last-minute decoration.

Homemade is always in. For how can one make his home beautiful and better than with individual objects, where one is even a lot? Here you will find suggestions for a paschal design with the help of homemade egg candles.

Pour egg candles themselves

Egg candles are available everywhere in the spring. Unfortunately, you are sometimes very expensive, but also with candle remnants can easily pour some. Since you can easily use as a mold blown eggs, which is far easier than it seems at first glance. Before you can use the shells, but they should be well washed and dried. Place the shells in egg cups and have preliminarily passed through the hole through which you blow out the candles, a candle wick or cotton thread. For the cotton thread, however, you must make sure that he will not be drawn into the egg. Take the thread that looks out of the bottom hole of the egg out a knot and wrap the upper end of a match or similar to it.


To pour the candles, you should now see the wax residue heated in a water bath. If you have multiple colors, keep the colors in small jars separately. Wait until the wax melts. If the wax is melted, you can remove it from the water and carefully pour into the bowls. If you prefer, you can proceed while one color or different colors are layered together, after the lower more or less cured. Make sure that the thread remains taut.

The candle Peel

Must now be brought only the candle from the eggshell. Wait until the wax to completely cooled and cured.Take the pan off and then carefully cut the wick to the proper length and you’re ready for your own candle.

Decorating with candles eggs

Now it goes to the decorating. You can choose whether you want the candle now use so already, or they want to make yourself even more. For the design of the candle lends itself Modelling, kneaded out of the little figurines and pressed tightly to the candle. Bunnies and carrots could be kneaded it, for example, or daffodils. Or how about the Easter egg candle table with name, place name cards normal? To write the name of the client to get the candle and have him as to the place. It is also a nice gesture if the guests can take the candle. Otherwise, of course, the candles decorate the Easter table. If you want to decorate the house, offer themselves as a basis for normal eggs egg cups. If you want to put the eggs on a fireproof surface, you can also cut the lower part of the egg so that the candle can also stand alone.