The use of tropical timber on the patio is considered to be ecologically harmful. Bamboo and wood heat are interesting alternatives in addition to new composite materials.

In summer the terrace is one of the main living areas. Whose design is first and foremost a choice to the right floor covering. The variety of shapes, colors and materials is almost infinite. For what type of surface you choose depends, of course, be dependent on the financial possibilities. In addition, today’s increasingly addressing environmental and climate protection are important criteria.

The classics of floor coverings for patios

Often happy terrace owners still rely on the traditional materials of stone and wood. Coverings made of concrete or natural stone are inexpensive, easy to install and have a long life. In the joints between the stones, unfortunately, often growing grass or moss, which can be removed only with great difficulty. In strong sunlight rock surfaces are also very hot. Wood surfaces are optically very elegant, but also have a price. Especially hardwoods such as Bangkirai or the local larch own for use outdoors. They can withstand direct contact with soil and water and require no further care. Unfortunately, the wood gradually lose their natural color and turn gray.


Environmentally friendly natural materials

Bamboo is currently regarded as an ecological alternative to tropical woods. The good ecological balance achieved thanks to its rapid growth, bamboo. The trees grow about 30 centimeters per day, which is many times compared to traditional hardwoods and softwoods. A bamboo floor is about 30 percent harder than a normal oak floor and is considered very durable. The Chinese say, “laughs bamboo” In a Feng Shui House, the use of bamboo is a must.

Thermal timber prices also many timber merchants as an ecological alternative to tropical woods. Basically, you can make almost any domestic, renewable wood resistant to decay through controlled heating and weathering. The timber requires no thermal treatment after impregnation or ecologically harmful paints. It has a hardness level that is equal to that of tropical woods. An ancient natural resource to discover the house builder is currently playing, rubber. The base material for a rubber floor is usually made from recycled rubber, which is processed into a granulate. On terraces and balconies of the rubber floor is because of its warmth and its soft consistency become very popular.

Innovative recycled materials

A recent innovative development in the wood-based materials are the “Wood-Plastic Composites” (WPC). In this new material wood fibers are connected to a plastic matrix. The material is processed by injection molding and can be shaped into any shape imaginable. The proportion of recycled plastics makes the wood resistant to weathering and fungus. The amount of wood is the flooring a natural look. The WPC material currently meets with consumers not to convince some skepticism, even if its qualities. The situation is similar with pure recycled materials. Flooring made from pure recycled plastic with wood floors can visually match well. You have a virtually unlimited service life and are produced in many colors and shapes, but suffer from their plastic image.