Whether you use them on a daily basis or not, your home likely has a lot of appliances. No matter if they’re large or small, used often or very little, it’s always a good idea to choose an ecofriendly option when you can.

Ecofriendly appliances are better for the environment as well as your own wallet. For example, most ecofriendly appliances will use less energy, which means that you’re not only saving on energy costs for your home, but you’re also reducing the amount of energy you use, which saves natural resources and keeps harmful emissions out of the air.


From choosing the right heating system to picking the best microwave, the following are a few of the best ecofriendly appliances, both large and small.

Tankless Water Heater

When you get into a nice, toasty shower, you likely don’t think about the water heater that is making this shower nice and warm for you. However, your water heater works hard, and if you have a dated water heater, you could be using more energy than you realize. This is why you should opt for a tankless water heater instead.

A tankless water heater doesn’t need to heat an entire water tank up in order to provide hot water. Plus, you won’t run out of hot water if multiple water sources in your home are being used. Instead, a tankless water heater will supply hot water wherever and whenever you need it. Plus, you can save money and space with these types of water heaters. According to QuickWaterHeater.com, a tankless water heater “only uses energy when you open a faucet. They can save you 20% off your water heating bill.”

Energy-Star Dishwashers

If you have a dated dishwasher, or if you’re currently washing dishes by hand, you are wasting water. Today’s Energy-Star dishwashers have the technology to not only use less energy (which will create a savings to you on your energy bills), but they are also designed to use less water while still getting your dishes clean.

Some products, such as Bosh’s Eco-Action feature, take energy saving to another level. This dishwasher will run the cycle at a lower temperature, which will save 25% of energy use. This is a great way to improve your energy and water use to benefit both the environment and your wallet.

Electric Stoves

There’s always a debate about which type of stovetop to purchase for your home. Some people prefer gas while others are diehard electric. Some claim that gas is the better option because you have more control over the heat, which in turn gives you control over the amount of energy you’re using. However, most electric stovetops today also give you the ability to control heat, which can also save on energy costs.

Plus, another benefit of electric stoves is that they only use electricity. With gas, you are putting about 40 percent more carbon dioxide into the air, and this is detrimental to the environment. So if you’re trying to opt for the more ecofriendly option, choose an eco-friendly electric stovetop.