Decorating your home can be an enjoyable experience. You will likely want to decorate each room individually with the essentials, such as paint, wallpaper, window treatments, furniture, and something for the floor. Many people prefer to use rugs on their floors instead of carpeting. After you have done this you can further enhance each room with a more personal touch, such as pictures and other decorative items.

Painting or wallpapering a room takes some consideration. Wallpaper adds a warm feeling to the home, but many people do not enjoy hanging it. Painting a room is considerably easier. Many people enhance the beauty of their rooms by putting up some type of border after they paint, either around the windows or the top portion of the room. Stenciling a decorative border in a room adds a nice touch.

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When it comes to the windows the choices are plentiful. You can use shades, blinds, shutters, drapes, or sheers. These each come in a variety of styles, but you will want to choose something that will complement your walls and flooring choices.

More and more homes are enjoying hardwood flooring in their rooms. Wood flooring is not only beautiful but easier to keep clean. If you miss the warmth of wall-to-wall carpeting, a rug will make a big difference and further enhance the flooring. Rugs come in a variety of styles, colors, and sizes. You can choose something that covers the majority of the floor or a rug that covers just a portion of the floor.

Furniture should be comfortable and resist staining if you are planning on using the room a lot. If you have small children you will definitely want something that is stain resistant for the living room. For the bedroom, there are many lovely sets of furniture that are attractive and practical.

The most enjoyable part of decorating your dream home is what you put in it after the basics are complete. Pictures of the family and/or pictures of art pull a room together very well. For people who collect figurines or other knick-knacks, a lighted display makes a nice conversation piece. People will often decorate with candles and ceramic pieces.