The hoods are used both in the home and in commercial establishments such as typical restaurants, pizzerias pub or bar . They perform the important function of filtering the air by capturing the fumes and odors produced by the operations that take place in the kitchen, and especially on the rings: the free food substances, odorous, liquid and fat, and the hood has the function of aspiring properly. But the characteristics of the hoods are different from one model to another and to identify the most suitable model to our needs, we will need to know some peculiarities: we see the hoods for kitchens and if we draw a guide for easy selection.


One element to consider in buying and choice of a hood, especially if placed in the home environment, is the noise level in relation to insulation materials with which we are made ​​of hoods with low noise at about 40 decibels, which reach up to model a noise threshold of 70 decibels. This feature, in addition to suction power and greatness of the hood, it will determine the price. But there are also other factors that have to be taken into account: let’s see them!

The design is not insignificant in relation to the brand that produces the appliance and the signature of the person who carried it out, even a simple kitchen hood, can reach high prices. Aesthetics and choice of the model should not be relied lines adopted in the kitchen, even if these tools can be used in other situations such as chimneys, but in this case we speak mostly of a suction motor (pull- fireplace).

Finally, it must be said that the hoods can be equipped with a regular outlet tube and flue gas discharge pipeline, bringing odors and vapors outside the home, or the so-called active filters, hoods and filtering that would be tested for a periodic filter cleaning through the use of Degreasers and occasional replacement of the same. The carbon filters, will be replaced on average every three months, while metal ones will be cleansed every two months Finally, the filters capable of retaining particles of fat will be carefully washed every three months Last, you must also consider the amount of use you will make of your hood, if you cook a lot and like to spend time in the kitchen preparing dishes for the family, It will be good to opt for the larger models, low-noise, highly sophisticated and with reduced “noise disturbance” guaranteed, in other words a little noisy Remember that the suction capacity is proportional to the power of the engine and will be chosen in relation to the size of the room.