People often wonder what to do with our big walls. It is sometimes tired of the usual paintings. Why not have fun! The walls have a backdrop to give free rein to our imagination. It does not just where it will display paintings or frames, but it is used to create sets ordnance. The wall becomes the work itself.

Boxes or blocks of color

By letting go our spurts of creativity, one can easily give an impressive effect to the room through the use of boxes or blocks of color. The blocks of color (more likely) help to create a futuristic combination of white and muted shades of purple and chalky to dark slate. the hall is open on the play. The fuchsia defines space while enhancing the front door. An original way to dress up a white wall and give a frank to the room.

The wallpaper makes a comeback

The false who stole the show wallpapers are now “out”. Place the wallpaper renewed. Manufacturers are associated with renowned designers and artists to create original patterns. The baroque motifs in shades of purple, blue or lime green, combined with gray, brown and black for a sensual decor. And why not the big reasons to make an impact!


The stickers

A derivative of wallpapers, stickers are easy to install and easily renewable. You can create your home and start over as often as you like. Some stems carefully placed at the head of the bed creates a beautiful effect in the room.

The wall pictures

You can create timeless designs using large format digital photos. Strong trend in the 70s, this approach back in force. Feel free to have fun but be careful of overloading. One feature wall per room! Choose the wall to work, make room for your creativity and have fun!