“Where there is discomfort, there is no fun,” says the adage. And this is especially true when our garden playing with the elbows in close proximity. To fully enjoy the summer without worrying about prying eyes, fences offer a sized screen. Discover models of discretion that you will find the taste to play hide and seek in the open in your haven of relaxation.

Closing festive in a court of city

A high fence beautifully defines the boundaries of this city court. The wood dyed red contrasts with natural stone slabs of the terrace, while randomly placed mirrors visually expand the space of this charming oasis. At the foot of the fence, shrubs with small flowers and berries oxygenate the court.

Their homes. Closing thank you!

What is done when the neighborhood is just steps from home? Erecting a fence that will keep it at bay without hurting his feelings too. If we do not want to cover the entire area, an effective solution is to make fence sections cleverly positioned. This type of composition gives the illusion of a larger yard that is not so far shared with neighbors. Here, three sections are sufficient to delineate areas of terraced life. Vertical wood planks form an opaque wall, which was crowned with a lattice box as an ornament. This simple model fits to various architectural styles.


Although surrounded by the fence!

In this house surrounded by lush foliage in a wooded area, the fence serves two complementary functions. Not only does it with style tag the property boundary, but it also helps to preserve the privacy of this large backyard set up for various summer activities. Whether for a barbecue, a swim or a coffee, everyone can enjoy the moment with peace of mind. In short, in some cases, the fence cleverly replaces the traditional cedar hedge.

The fence in the spirit of yesteryear

Crude cedar fence, custom made belt centenary in style this property. Its design is inspired by the processes of the past. Trunks are used as posts and rails, while natural cedar planks, sawn to different widths, constitute the main coating. The fence is located in a little windy, we could shape a solid structure. Result: all artfully blends the natural environment.