Planning any type of construction project no matter what the size can be very difficult and often quite stressful. One of the most difficult parts of the process for many people is that of attracting and choosing the right builder to entrust with what is, after all, an expensive process that demands a high-quality finish. In this article we take a look at the things you need to think about to make sure that you aren’t left with a cowboy ballad that has gone way over budget.

The Planning Stage.

In most cases, one of the major factors that will dictate a successful outcome of a project is the planning stage. Good planning is like laying a strong foundation. So if you have identified what it is you want built and the site that you want it built on, sitting down with a ruler and pencil and dashing out a quick sketch is hardly going to cut it. What you really need is some professional input.

1 The Budget

The budget you have to spend should be determined before plans are drawn up. You should be looking at a budget of 90% of the money you have available, which then gives you a 10% leeway in case of over-spends.

2 The Plans

It goes without saying that the plans you eventually hand over to your builder should be drawn up by a professional. A good architect will take the time to get an idea of what you want to achieve and then draw up plans that fulfil your objectives. An architect will think about everything that needs to be achieved and quite possibly things you may never have thought of, and also devise ways of achieving them including drawing up a materials list project.

3 Quantity Surveying

Quantity surveying is the process of taking the materials list and working out the quantity needed and the most cost effective ways of sourcing them. This will involve tracking down suppliers and negotiating prices and discounts. Some homeowners take this on themselves, but if you have no specialist knowledge building industry this is not recommended.

Attracting the Right Builder and Keeping Costs Down

Once you have your plans and the materials have been sourced, you will be left with a clear idea of what you have left to spend on the actual construction. It is now time to think about finding the perfect local builder for your project.

1 Location

If you are able to find a builder in your local area, there are some distinct advantage. You might be able to go and see some examples of projects already undertaken, get recommendations from previous clients as well as keeping transportation costs to a minimum.

2 Multiple Quotes

Having builders and construction companies competing with each other for your work is the best way of getting the cheapest price but without sacrificing quality. Sites like WhyNotCompare where you can advertise your project for free and attract pre-approved local builders who are listed in the database and have already expressed an interest in taking on projects like yours can be a great way of finding skilled tradespeople

Getting Your Project Out There

When you place your free advert at WhyNotCompare, be clear about what it is that you need doing and the budget that you have available. Many people manage to secure a fixed price contract which means that the price quoted is for the job as a whole and cannot be altered. If you manage to negotiate one of these, you need to be aware that changing your mind and making changes to plans partway through will not be part of the contract and will add extra costs. But if you have been thorough in the planning stage this should not be an issue.

With all of these issues taken into consideration, the chances of your project going ahead smoothly and within budget are greatly increased. So go ahead with confidence and get your building project off to a good start.