A fire broke out every two minutes in France. But one need only apply a few simple rules to avoid this disaster.

The numbers of fires in France are impressive: more than 250 000 claims, 800 dead, 10,000 wounded, including 300 heavy guard legacy. One in three French will be the victim of a fire in his life. Children are particularly vulnerable: for them it is the leading cause of death among children under five years after drowning. Yet one need only observe a few simple principles of caution for the majority of fire is avoided.

Electrical installations

One of the first precautions is to have it checked by professionals facilities of electricity, gas and heating. Same situation for the inserts and fireplaces whose ducts must be cleaned out once a year. A fire in four is due to faulty wiring. Do not leave appliances on standby, do not overload wall outlets for appliances, or for computers or televisions. Fully extinguish cigarettes and never smoke in bed. Be very careful with children: do not leave lighters or matches in their scope and explain the danger is more effective than banning it altogether. Never leave them alone: ​​in 30% of deaths, the parents were away. The kitchen is a place to watch. Fat ignite quickly as clothing near the stove. Flammable products are put away, away from direct heat. A special control: the Christmas tree. Natural or artificial, it can flare up very quickly. Beware of flashing wreaths, decorations, and especially by candlelight.


Last advice: do not revive a barbecue with alcohol or gasoline, but with firelighters.

The detectors

After prevention, detection is even more important that 70% of fatal fires occur at night. The people sleep, smoke, composed of nitrogen monoxide and cyanide, do not wake up and, instead, plunges them deeper into sleep. Hence the interest to ask autonomous detectors smoke alarms (DAAF) which will also mandatory in 2015. The shrill noise (85 decibels) early warning of the fire before smoke and flames have done their destructive work. These detectors are battery operated and easy to install and maintain. Their average cost is twenty euros. This can take up to 80 € in case of complex installation.

The right reflexes

If the fire was declared, the first instinct is to turn it off, knowing that we must intervene in the opening minutes. If this is impossible, we must leave the room, close the doors and call the fire department, 18 or 112 (European emergency number). In the case of an apartment, if the fire is over, you must exit through the nearest exit. If it is below or on the same floor, you have to stay home and call the fire department. Never take the elevator. Before you leave a room, check the temperature of the door if it is hot, but not to open the cooling with water, leaving a period of time for the arrival of relief.