Although the main purpose of a fire place is to provide warmth, they can also add style to living rooms, no matter how they are decorated. Recently it has become fashionable for fireplaces to be the focal point of living rooms, drawing all of the other design elements together. In this article we will explain how you can turn your fireplace into the central feature of your living room.

Floating fireplace designs

If you are looking to add texture and depth to the overall appearance of your contemporary living room, then why not consider installing a floating fireplace? In order to do this you will need to purchase a freestanding fireplace and have it installed into a recessed wall. Not only will it create the perfect focal point in your living room, but it will also give the main wall a three-dimensional feel. To draw even more attention to the fireplace, you may want to consider installing backlights behind the unit.

Fireplace Living Room

Unexpected mantel piece colours

Most people expect the mantel piece above a fireplace to be black, silver, cream or brown. Change things up a little by painting your mantel piece an unexpected colour like green, blue or even red! Not only will it draw people’s attention to your fireplace, but it will also brighten up your living room and make it feel more homely.

Unusual shaped fireplaces

Give your living room an interesting central feature by installing an unusual shaped fireplace. Although most fire places are square shaped, there is no reason why you cannot have a circular shaped fireplace, or one that stretches across the width of your main wall. Purchasing a uniquely shaped fireplace is a fantastic way to draw people’s attention to it and turn it into the central feature of your living room. Who needs artwork and sculptures when you can have a beautifully designed fireplace

Purchase a stylish screen

The purpose of a fireplace screen is to keep you, your family and pets from getting burnt by the flames, but there is nothing to say that it can’t look aesthetically pleasing. Rather than purchasing one of the boring metal grids, why not go for something a little different? There are many different styles of fire place screens available, from metal floral designs, to those that fan out like peacock feathers. Adding a stylish fire place screen is a great way of transforming it into your living room’s central feature.

Remove the mantel piece

There is no rule that says your fireplace has to have a mantel piece, so why not be different and get rid of yours entirely? Sometimes the best central features are those that have been kept simple and minimalistic. There is something effortlessly chic about a seamless fireplace that is free from photographs, knick knacks and clutter. The great thing about this look is that it will work in both traditional and contemporary decorated living rooms.


If you are fed up of the way your living room looks and fancy a change, then why not consider transforming your old fireplace into realistic electric fireplaces? The extent you go to, to make the changes will depend on how creative you are feeling and the money you are willing to spend. Simple things like painting your mantel piece or purchasing a new screen are a great way to give your fireplace a whole new look without breaking the bank. Alternatively if you have a little more money to spend you may want to consider replacing your old fire place with a new quirky design, or having it set into your wall.