Enjoy the pleasure to enhance your favorite fresh herbs all year by growing them indoors. Culture at home herbs can take two forms: successive plantings and plants that can go inside in the fall.

Successive plantings : Plant some seeds of your regular favorite varieties of herbs in small pots. Harvest the young shoots by cutting them within an inch of potting soil and sow again.

The Herb Garden : enter them just before the arrival of the gels. Cut half of the plants, pot them in an all-purpose potting soil, inspect plants for eliminating undesirable insects, and then water them.

Place the herbs under lights or near a sunny window. In winter, the plants do not press directly against a window. Noticeable on the cold windows can cause them to freeze. Also, regularly check the water needs of your herbs. They should never run out of water. Water them as soon as the soil appears dry on the surface. Here is a selection of five varieties of fresh herbs to taste all year by growing them in the house.



This plant foliage gray, fluffy and fragrant as 80 cm in height and spread of 60 cm. Love the sun, curry also accepts partial shade. Use its leaves fresh or dried aromatic. This ingredient in Indian cuisine goes well with rice and chicken.


These plants rounded leaves cut and trimmed rarely exceed 30 cm. Parsley grows well in sun or partial shade. Place the plant in a cool place. The parsley strive fresh, dried or frozen. Make use of unrestrained parsley in salads and stews or with vegetables and meat.


This close cousin of the onion and garlic is generally limited to a height of 30 cm. Chives grow in full sun. Enjoy this herb fresh or frozen. Add a little spice character to any dish, especially the omelettes and salads, with chives.


Carefully preserved from year to year, a rosemary plant can reach a height of two meters. Generally, seedlings are 30 cm. Keep rosemary in a cool and well lit. Use it fresh or dried in stews, soups, marinades and dressings.


Its size varies between 5 and 25 cm high. This plant likes sunny locations. You can use fresh, dried or frozen. Thyme goes well with Greek dishes, meats, sauces, salad dressings and cheese.