All of us have a big nightmare to come home and find it upside down, by the passage of the classics from mice apartments. In the market, there really any kind of alarm, but sometimes that is not enough, because the dear thieves, they know more of the devil, so in some cases it will be better to resort to tricks more drastic than a simple alarm. And there is no doubt with the “do it yourself” you always get the best. So follow this guide and you’ll know how to fix the How to fix security devices on windows on windows. There are different types all listed below.

In the case of double-hung windows we can use: lock twin screw. With the window closed, drill a hole for the screw on the upper crossbar of the leaf interior and bottom of the door and one of the external dimensions of the lock in the upper crosshead inside of the door, using the hole already made ​​as a guide. Tighten the lock into the second hole. Reverse the door and placed the brass plate over the hole on the bottom transom of the external, tracing the outline in pencil. With a chisel, made ​​be embedded in the plate and screw.


To leave a window slightly open without risk, a firm fixed wing outside. On the pillar drill a hole the same diameter and depth of the bushing. Push it in the hole, then tuck the arm of the retainer and screw with a wrench. Then we can use a lock in two parts for double hung windows. Drill pilot holes at the center of the upper crosspiece of the leaf inner and outer bottom of the door, bolted to the two parts of the lock, which is supplied with a key. In the case of casement windows, we can use a handle with lock. This device for casement windows is fixed in the same way of a handle normal, but is provided with a key which allows the closure. Push it in the hole, then tuck the arm of the retainer and screw with a wrench.

You can make a still more secure by simply replacing the nail farthest from the pivot arm with a screw. To close, place your arm on the nail, then use a spanner to tighten the lock nut on the nail. Lock for casement windows: This lock has a two-part screwed to frame and an element fitted with arm screwed to the vertical upright of the window: to lock the window, the arm on the wheel support. First, the fixed element fitted with arm, then the support in a corresponding position.