The focal point of a room is something that needs a fair bit of time and effort spend on getting it just right. There are plenty of ideas out there, but some would simply end up making your room a mess or will cause a dent in your pocket, which is why it is important to be careful and pick something that is nice, affordable and easy to manage.

The focal point is simply the place where the lines of the room converge; every eye will be drawn there. It attracts attention and reenergizes a room. The best way to create a focal point is to accentuate an already existing element that you have.

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Winter Makeover for Your Living Rooms

Your living room should be cozy and comfortable, pay attention to the vibe of this room because that’s where you will be spending most of your time during the day. A living room should have a main point of focus that draws the eye. The focal point makes the room look less boring, here are a couple of suggestions you should try.

  • Put in a fireplace- The cold winter is a perfect excuse to make your home warm and comfortable for your family. A fireplace livens up a lackluster room, use tile or molding to dress it up if you are on a budget. Be sure to maintain your fireplace properly and choose one that you can easily work with, there are lots of options available.
  • Large mirror-A large mirror placed at eye level within a living room will give the illusion of space and brighten up the room. The shiny surface draws the eye and makes a wonderful focal point.
  • Sculpture or Artwork-A dramatic sculpture or your favorite painting can be used to lend a touch of style to the room.
  • A Large Light Fixture-An amazing and modern light fixture will brighten up the room and will instantly attract the eye when it is lit up.
  • An Eclectic Coffee Table- A coffee table can be used to anchor the living room to a point. Though they are small, a creative design will look stunning.’

To bring the room together, and create movement at the same time, spread the style and pattern on the focal piece around the room. You can even do something unique, such as using outdoor sectional sofas indoors. This may sound like a crazy idea on paper, but with the right placement these can end up being the focal point.

Accent a Wall or Ceiling

Paint the ceiling a bold color that is different from the rest of the walls. If you choose this option then make sure that your light fixture works with the color scheme. Keep patterns to a minimum in the room. Another way is to add a feature or accent wall; balance the horizontal lines of the room by placing lamps and small tables around the larger pieces of furniture.

Bedroom Makeover

Usually the only large piece of furniture in a bedroom is your bed; it will be the first thing one notices in a bedroom. No one likes to clutter up bedroom space with extra furniture. You can make the bed a focal point by using these creative and handy ides.

  • Play with colors and fabric textures, and add a theme to it
  • Minimize clutter
  • Use white bed linens
  • Have a headboard
  • Place the bed in the center

Decor Tips for Outdoor Areas

The outdoor areas of your home such as the patio, front porch, deck etc. can be given a wonderful splash of color by using lots of bright cushions. This element brings together the entire decor and brings the seating area in focus.

Activity and furniture will be structured around the focal point of the room, so make sure you pay enough attention to this defining feature of your living spaces.