The arbor nicely delineates the garden entrance. Used primarily point home, she invites you to discover the beauties blooming hiding beyond. Often made of latticework, not only as you will see in the following models, it may also mark the transition between the different areas of landscaping well thought out.

Separate garden and parking

To beautify access to the backyard from the parking area, we installed a wood arbor both robust and delicate. Of various widths, the arch cut directly on the beam and the plate placed on top of the joists to provide a fine flexible architecture, while creating a subtle effect curve. The set is very attractive. For their part, the opaque door and closing perforated block the curiosity of the neighborhood.

Rustic arbor

Bearing in mind the style of the garden, we made good use of branches and trunks to compose an arbor full of allure. It fits naturally in this environment cohabiting with a century-old house and barn period. To make this construction more informal, we simply set the pieces together using galvanized wood screws. No more complicated than that!


Portal faithful to the house

This model is a copy of arbor almost consistent architecture of the house. Thus, it was taken from the same materials to create a harmonious whole. Cedar shingles evoke those of the main roof coiffent the roof of this cute portal, while the same shade of white this beautiful unit built to the house. The ornamental trellis wind blows a pleasant lightness.

Arbor delicate and timeless

When designing an arbor, we think more often than wood wrought iron. Here, this noble material used to wonder the backbone of this work unusual perched above a trail of flat stones. We recognize the work of the craftsman in love the delicate ornaments. Tattooing in beauty portal, pots of tulips visually communion with a colony of flowering plants.