If you take the DIY in the veins and want to offer your pictures, paintings or photographs scarp booking an original frame will not break, we tell you the best way to frame them yourself and to your liking.
Why should frame the works? The first objective is to protect the work frame, often fragile and valuable, the passage of time, but it is also an art consisting of a decorative praise. In fact, the framework can highlight the work, but also denature and remove any interest. Thus, the value of the framework depends greatly on how the table looks observed. Nowadays more and more collections are hung directly on a chassis without any framework. This technique as in fashion requires a lot of work to make the work stand out: they simply do not think the work is to hang on the wall and you are done. It’s better than in our case we choose a frame created with love and our taste to protect our expressions.

Reflections per

You can decorate the frame with the same tone of the work or the room where you are going to hang. Before buying the material you’re going to think about where to put them before you decide on the color. Free the imagination and gives some life to the table. you must also decide if you want to add a colored border or not. This is already a little more professional. This is an outline of placing cardboard or cloth between the work and the frame. Tradition says that is placed to highlight the picture or photograph without the fringe attract too many stares. However, today we like to play with the eccentricities and choose fluorescent green fringes to surround a Chagall lithography and thus highlight the blue box and customize the set. Playing with colors and not a sacrilege! If you manufacture it yourself, choose a carton full extent inside the frame and adds an extra inch. The cut must be precise and follow the dimensions chosen for the wood frame and the framed work. ‘If you work with a photograph is highly recommended to use also a crystal to cover the box. (Note: depending on where you want to hang the picture, you must purchase a UV glass.) Follow the technique described below and add to cart in a glass sheet and cut into your DIY store.


Show him this seller the final dimensions and it cuts the sheet by adding more centimeter of glass to move the slots on the timber frame. Choose also a solid board for the last step and nails to hang. material to create a simple framework find the following material in any DIY store: wooden-Prints must choose depending on the desired width: 1-5 cm half. -Wood glue -Four plastic angles -paint or varnish to the framework of the work -a miter box (for cutting angles) -Scissors -A brush (if you paint the frame) -A background (of wood frame measures to be sawing and the DIY shop)A string -Two clips -Two small nails.

Creating stepper

Framing is simple, is to create a square frame with wooden slats. Now the challenge is to achieve well-defined interior angles. You should pay close attention to this point.

Step 1: The measures. You must calculate with patience and precision measurements of the hole inside the frame, both width and length. Mark them with a pencil on the back of the plates that form the frame, always with great precision.

Step 2 : At this point you will be useful miter box. Cut wood boards considering measures that need. Again, with care and precision. It is not something that can be done for publicity, focus and take your time. Pay attention to the direction of the sheets, do not go wrong. Introducing the sheet into the box and cut to obtain a 45 degree angle. Important: the smaller dimension corresponds to the inside.

Step 3: When the sheets are cut, join them with the aid of angles with plastic and glue wood glue. When dry, paint them by heart or Barnabas following the instructions described in the product. Important: using a molding instead of a single sheet, the mode of working it depends on the material of which the molding is made.

Step 4: The sheets are ready and frame mounted. Place it on the ground and enter the glass, the photo and then the border and background. It is advisable to stick the photograph on the bottom to keep it from moving. But not smear monitors Picasso’s signature with glue. To fix the set, nail a few nails on the sheets on the back of the frame.

Step 5: Place the two clips at the same distance and tie the string considering it should not be too long to not see again hang the picture on the wall.

Final Step: Now you just have to choose the wall and hang the masterpiece. Discover also: Solutions for small spaces 7 mistakes you should not make in decorating Making a candle.