The wenge wood belongs to the category of exotic materials and is ideal for creating an ethnic furnishings combined with warm colors, or to create an elegant and refined in combination with pure colors such as white, in fact comes from the forests of Africa, in particular Cameroon and Congo, where it is used to make musical instruments, for example the drum exploiting its excellent resonance properties . Its characteristics are that it can be used both as a building material and as material in furniture. In the first case is used for parquet, for the beams, for the trellis in the second case is used to make furniture or doors. It is a dark wood with veins on yellow, is hard and durable and is made ​​to last over time, has a high factor of resistance to scratches and goes very well with both cool colors that with the warm colors, especially red, orange, yellow. Let’s look at this guide on how to decorate with wenge wood.


We can begin to evaluate the idea of using it for the floors. Its dark color and compact will create a warm and elegant. To avoid burdening the environment is good to use on the walls of a light, preferably white. The doors can also be in tune with their wooden floors, so call the continuity of composition of the material. If we want to give a special touch, just because wenge is a color that goes well with everything, we can paint one wall in dark red, such as a wall vicuna or stay.

As for the furniture, you have to prefer those with clean lines, simple, because being very dark wenge, does not suit the decor or the wood inlays typical of some clearer. The ideal is to create on the walls of libraries or the shelves tv stand. Even the kitchen can be tailored with shelving and panels in this material, combined with rolled clearer that dampen the heaviness of the monochrome. If you want a bespoke kitchen is well rely to an industry expert. For the living room if you want to create an environment elegant, opt for a wenge flooring , sofas absolutely white, leather or fabric, light colors on the walls and lots of light coming through windows If you want to recreate an ethnic and younger, get jiggy with a colored wall in red or orange, combined with colorful sofas and modern design.