You are back from holidays loads of initiatives and full of new ideas and you are thinking that it is precisely the time to renovate your home. From what room from? But why not try the service area, changing the dark or canonical colors with something really different and sparkling? Continue reading this then trying, experimenting and taking into account our valuable tips and suggestions : will help you understand how you can do to decorate your bathroom with rhinestones.

We begin with a brief definition of the object and your business with our new concept of furniture: the rhinestones are small and cute diamonds set in metal commonly used in the making of jewelry or decorations related to the industry. For years, they are also used in the context of furniture that sees their proposal developed through the input of these brilliant tools and mini embedded or applied to furniture and fabrics.


If you want to start with a decided shift but also simple to implement, you can then replace everything to do with the objects ornament or useful to reposition the instruments to be groomed as a toothbrush holder, soap dish or saucer and buy various substitutes made ​​of special coating consisting of rhinestones. You can find them easily and cost-effectively in the most common furniture store and DIY: the country it is now littered and you’ll definitely difficult to locate one around your town or your area residents.

Let’s talk about the kit of towels, shall be coordinated with the accessories, you can not miss the inclusion of any Brilliantine Acquisitiveness a set or clear in color, however, that it matches the colors of your bathroom and then buy in a haberdashery box rhinestone to apply with sewing, Arm yourself with a needle and thread and secured the brightest scattered on the towels or hatched an elaborate design on the edges act as if to recall the work of a Greek If you are not skilled in arts tailoring, you can instead get you, always in a specialist shop, strips of adhesive rhinestones applied to fabrics by the heat of the iron. Likewise, you can decorate the furniture in the toilets with adhesive rhinestones and affix a frame of the same kind and sparkling around the mirror of your bathroom, square or round it.