Individuality and naturalness are among the most defining traits in the interior design trends for the year 2012.

Modern furniture trends point in the fall of 2012 indicate individual, natural and sustainable furniture, which give the room a face. Creatively everything is allowed, his own multifaceted personality to express itself in the home. Who wants to save the setting, secures discounts on sites like Home24. The big portal Home24 offers here at significant discounts to be attractive offer. Within the huge selection of 80,000 pieces is guaranteed for everyone, it’s worth it to buy a bargain.


When setting up modern people overcome the traditional requirements traditional living. A television can ever stand in the kitchen, the dining table in the kitchen is. In conjunction with corresponding chairs the communications center, the bathtub is in unconventional residents in the bedroom New and old are united, the hall is a disco, and winter grilling has become a classic. Innovation is at the present traditional material, because naturalness is absolute ace in the fall of 2012. This means that wood is a hit as such, but also rattan or raffia and fabrics of all colors. When the wooden furniture that you can buy as low, something the light oak varieties dominate with their very appealing grain, color is the black and white of the year 2011 to date. Also green and turquoise are visible remains much and perhaps more so in the coming as early as last year. Playing with combinations sets trends, wood is very much linked with solid colors and their meaning.


Individuality and sustainability

As furniture to meet their own needs by 100 percent, manufacturers are developing highly customized models. The user gains a unique piece, a trend that can be observed in kitchens for some time. Sustainably will be the furniture, why are more and more certificates can be found on the furniture. This shows that are bargains out environmentally and ethically acceptable production, recycled materials are the big hit of 2012. The design continues the straight contours of the last two years, flourishes are more or less out. Romantic and circular forms are found less often, the image is defined by clean lines. It manufacturers rely on a very strong brand image and produce their products, which applies in the furniture industry as a novelty. Established in the past few producers their brand as strong and accurate as can be observed at present. Furniture must now be multifunctional, so has a certain trend used for smallness. A bed should be so easy to adjust to the open space areas can be made arbitrarily and refurbished. The desks no longer require as much work surface as before, technology has shrunk, showcases can be narrower, LED lamps swallow no more room. And as a seat, the portable Pouf, tables established in turn can be adjusted with portable handles.