Bricks from construction to design

The bricks are the traditional elements of the building and on the market in a variety of forms and dimensions more or less standardized, in addition to the clay does not disdain the company of the concrete, possibly enriched with products of lightening. Those designed for decorative purposes occur then under the guise transparent and various colors of glass and are, in places of your home or office partitions across several functional areas, instead of creating divisions opaque net interact with the light , and from it derive most expressive effect. But brick, thanks to their modularity, affordability and ease of procurement and purchasing, are for many people the main ingredient of some small DIY jobs, such as in the interior of the house in the garden or on the balcony.

Shelf brick

A smart idea to spend a stay young and metropolitan character steal her away to the site of the young Anna Old architect of Manta. This is a shelf low cost made ​​using the common hollow bricks (for instance those in section measuring 25 x 8 cm and have two rows of five holes) combined with a series of wooden planks painted in yellow, bright color and solar. Even the latter such as bricks declare explicitly or eye expert in the field, their origin Construction for they are removed from their usual function that sees the building blocks of form work for concrete casting and cut to size in the sense of length are transformed into something other than itself, stimulating and rich expressive potential. The various parts of the library thus realized have been made ​​integral during the laying with the use of a special adhesive and calibrated so as to be able to support the weight of books and objects placed on the shelves.


Polyethylene bricks for children

A version design of this furniture, made ​​mobile, lightweight and not necessarily tied to the wall to which it is applied, the library Ladrillos collection of Me Too by Javier Mariscal for Magis , all dedicated to children and their fairy-tale world. Here bricks give way to fun media brick polyethylene , worked with the technique of rotational molding . Color and funny expressions stolen from the cartoon played down the functional nature of the furnishings which, in purely technical terms, it works thanks it snaps media with some tables in HPL traveled, for their entire length, by a special groove .

Brick planters

But we go out in the garden now, and let us consider the strength and performance of bricks and concrete blocks to make lightweight flower pots and planters in different shapes. In this case there is no limit to the inventiveness staff. Studied the configuration most convincing in itself and in relation to the context, we just have to put it in place. Clusters more or less ordered brick-like sculptures of contemporary taste, can be alternated with lower borders of flower beds and create a varied set, enriched with flowers and plants chosen with care.

Soft brick

Who does not have questions about hardness and surface roughness of the brick should rethink seeing the group of Japanese designers work Torah Architects with Soft Blocks. Modular-looking traditional turn out soft and comfortable and can be freely combined with each other, giving rise to the forms of a sofa, a divider, a comfortable bed. still at the stage of prototype, produced on the occasion of their presentation, blocks could perhaps be some trouble along the way. In fact, I do not know what types of constraints are foreseen between them, and if, for each building, are no technical specifications of which are taken into account. We will see the development of an idea that, in terms of inspiration, it seems absolutely good and original.