Furnish with taste and personality is not always easy to choose the colors suitable for any environment, even less. It will be seen that, in furniture, using strong colors that is soothing colors and that, in relation to the room, or the intended use of the site (hospitals, restaurants, leisure centers, etc), will be suitable for one or the other. Paint the children’s room with an exciting color is not exactly the right choice, while in the workplace, use of colors stimulated may, in some situations, prove to be the most appropriate choice. Four bedrooms, the bedrooms and spaces for study and relaxation, it is always better to adopt soothing colors, while in the living room is shown to prefer warm colors to facilitate the aggregation and joy. To introduce you to the choice of the colors most suitable for each environment, it is good to know the colors and their effect on the mind: let us see how to choose the colors that relax.


The basic colors are true and have each one its color complementary, they often adopt furnishing creating visually striking chromatic effects. Recall that the complement of blue is yellow, while red is the blue and green to blue. In addition to choosing the most relaxing colors or less, we match also complement each other in a harmonious, bearing in mind that the colors are divided into warm and cold, between the warm colors are red, orange and finally yellow, all bright colors and stimulating, while cool are purple, blue, grayish blue, green changing to blue. In general, warm colors are exciting, while cool, relaxing, and have the property of being able to expand the space in a natural way, making it seem larger environments.

The color green is soothing to the election, then follow the blue, and finally purple. You can use these colors in shades on or evanescent, dye the walls, or use white for the walls, and soothing colors for interior decoration, opting for curtains, carpets and furniture, which possess this color. Alternatively, you can choose to dye one or more walls of the chosen color. But let us see the features of these three colors: green, blue and purple.

Green is a color that we find in nature in a thousand different shades, all the vegetable world has this color, and it inspires peace and serenity. Often used in light colors, we find in hospitals, in schools and in all those places where peace and quiet is a must. A color which does not cause eye strain and that makes creative, suitable also in the kids’ room and in the workplace. Blue is the color of the sea and, in its lighter shades, even the sky is the matter that surrounds us, and instills calm and serenity. Suitable for paint and tile bathrooms, enhances the relaxing effect of such an environment. Seems to have the ability to reduce blood pressure and the temperature of the human body. Blue is also suitable for those who have feeding problems: it reduces the craving for food, causing an effect on appetite subsided. Purple is a color that has a dual action, it has a calming effect on the mind, it stimulates sexuality. This color should be used sparingly and carefully dosed, although its lighter shades also have beneficial effects on mental disorders .