The guest bedroom is usually the last room in the house to be decorated. Nevertheless, for his furniture, required care and taste in the choice of detail. The goal must be to be able to offer your guests an environment that is equipped with the following features : comfort, privacy, hospitality and cleanliness .

The ideal would be to achieve a balance between the elegance of a hotel rooms and the warmth of a family home. Before the choice of furniture and colors, so you have to think about what type of guests probably will be the hosts. Are shown with simple lines and light, they leave the host his space but at the same time provide it with everything they might need.

Select a double bed. Preferred are the wooden scaffolding, with a chest and two bedside tables. A wardrobe large but not too bulky with everything needed for the stay of guests ( blankets , towels, bed sheets ) is perfect. Privileged models with built-in mirror, will save you space and money since you will not need to buy a dresser apart. A large rug at the foot of the bed, matching curtains, give a touch of warmth that never hurts.


With regard to the choice of colors (both walls and furniture) avoided a range too stimulating but not giving up relaxation and elegance alternating warm colors cool colors Cream walls, curtains and gray carpets and furniture in mahogany are an example. And to give a tone to the environment the floor lamps can be a useful idea.

Finally, remember to keep the room clean every time you have someone to visit you. Always make sure that the guests are provided with everything you may need for their stay (pillows, blankets, water, toothbrush). Finally, remember that a few details (dark curtains and colorful bed linen) can drastically change the way the room looks. Therefore get jiggy with your imagination!