To save the lingerie home and keep it tidy and in good condition, there are furniture for his versatility facilitate this work.

When planning the storage of your house should be clear space in which you’ll place sheets, bedspreads, tablecloths and towels. You can group them into their own room or save them in various furniture placed in each of the rooms that will be used.

A single space

The ideal is to dedicate one room to the tasks of washing, ironing and storage of all linen. In this way, you get convenience, reduces desahogas tours and other cabinets, since the clothes washed, ironed and stored in the same room. You can also take part in another room to enable a zone press, like the kitchen or secondary bedroom. Just take a section of a wall with a large closet. Try to provide it with plenty of shelves and drawers. To be comfortable seeking not exceeding 40 cm wide and between shelf and shelf leaves about 35 cm. As for drawers, pick them with a width of between 35 and 60 cm.


Share the closet

In most cases, household linen, especially the bed, is organized in the bedroom. If you enjoy dressing area, try to assign him a whole body of the whole group it separate shelves. You can use the top shelves to store blankets or quilts and the most comfortable pull-out shelves. These allow rapid access to folded clothes and take advantage of all the shelf. The boxes, meanwhile, are ideal for storing towels, which will take up less coiled. If the meters will allow, free closet dedicated to all clothing from home. A glass fronted furniture will facilitate the location of the garments.

Furniture with character

For its distribution, based on shelves, shelves, drawers or cabinets, pieces inspired by antique furniture for auction are a very practical and decorative in order to keep tablecloths, napkins or towels. These rustic furniture, properly restored and updated to suit any environment and decor. A large cupboard or vajillero, with an upper case and lower cabinet area, keeps hand protected and tablecloths, napkins and table runners. For everyday items, it is best to book a removable shelf or drawer, while in the service of party, ideally a fixed shelf in a closed, lest they accumulate and dust and odors.

Parts wildcard

There is furniture, because of its versatile, can accommodate from clothing or linens to sheets and towels. In the bedroom , a dresser is a very practical to keep on hand clothes bed and vent the closet. Choose it with little background, so you can easily open your drawers without hindering the passage. Make sure you leave about 70 cm bed free for driving. A high or a bank chiffonier bedside can also have this duality. In the first, about 60 x 35 x 100 cm, you can assign the upper drawers for clothes and linen cleaning parts, and drawers below the more sporadic use parts. For its size, this piece is well suited to take advantage of walkways.

Tips for ironing

The removable shelves are ideal for storing clothes iron, because they allow to retrieve the clothes without wrinkling the rest. Fiber baskets are ideal for small parts that do not require ironing, and mittens or mats.

For the change of season

The bulky items such as blankets and duvets, freshly laundered keep them in bags. The natural fabrics also allow perspiration. The odor bags and anti-moth products will help you keep the clothes for months. Perfumalia with aromatic woods.

Tips to save

To save the sheets, forming store is very convenient piles by type: bottom sheet, duvet covers, etc. For towels, must take into account that rolls up less. reservable a closet near the bathroom. In the case of the tablecloths, the best thing is to keep the journal, the dining room or the office: the more you have on hand. To protect the linen and keep it tidy in the home furnishings that can serve you no longer use provided that it meets minimum requirements for storage.