For many years, furniture made of solid wood as a stuffy or included in the okoecke. Young furniture designers have discovered the new material from nature.

Until the eighties, furniture made of solid wood were to be treated with caution. Mostly it was beechwood furniture around bevelled edges. The furniture did not look for better living, but according to Waldorf kindergarten. There were rustic monsters fashioned from a turned oak, in the middle-class and at home-country fans were very popular. Very popular are still made of untreated pine furniture, also called soft-wood furniture. Aesthetically, this type of housing is placed somewhere between foresters room and flea market chic.

New design, new awareness

Fortunately, it has new pages on the furniture manufacturers in recent years sober. Solid wood has been enjoying a comeback a few years. It relies on formal reduction and a simple materialization, the sins of the past can be forgotten very quickly. Juergen Bauer Loges of the wood factory in Stuttgart summarizes the Development of recent years: “Solid wood is currently acceptable in my opinion, because in an era of progressive disorientation the real thing, the truth is sought. The tension between high-tech and natural materials provides the creative forces of new expressions and emotions generate. Today, there are some solid wood collections, the charm of the cereal-80s have stripped off their formal claim in the 21 Century has arrived. ”


Successful design export from Germany: e15

Modern solid-wood furniture carry the conservative desire for authenticity bill are, yet radical in its modern form language. No one has put this formula consistently than the design group e15, one of today’s popular furniture exports from Germany. The product designer Florian Asche and architect Philipp Mainzer, e15 are the founders. Mainz and ash have named their company after the zip code of the London borough of Hackney, where they made 1995 the first tables made of solid wood. After a temporary move to New York, the company moved to its current headquarters in Oberursel, near Frankfurt. From the small cabinet making Hackney a worldwide brand with increasing conversion is made. Today e15 250 dealers worldwide supplies.

The e15 furniture is massive and solid, have nothing to do with the rustic living monsters civic worlds. The furniture is made primarily from European oak and walnut. The used wood qualities cracks and holes in the tops consistently emphasized by black polyester filler. The oiled surface brings out the characteristic differences in color and wood to its best advantage. This creates high-quality residential and office furniture that is very modern, but not stylish. In its simplicity you recall the establishment of a Japanese Zenklosters. The e15 furniture speak clear, uncluttered style of the modern age. In her choice of material but they are the cool glass and steel modernist chic set against.

Pure wood

Another plausible example of the solid-wood furniture, the trend of the company’s Munich period. The company was founded 17 years ago by Birgit Gammerler. The industrial designer was present from the beginning with its clean, minimalist designs, the material wood in its purest form. The furniture was also a clear statement against the garish colors and shapes of the eighties. Each period is a unique piece of furniture. The woods are chosen individually and have a distinctive texture and color. On chemical treatment of the Hozer dispensed period. The surfaces are modified with organic oils and waxes, and leave open pores. The wood can breathe so that moisture and make room.

The period furniture is also in your organization committed to sustainability. Their appeal is simple and plain, they refuse short-lived trends. The furniture brings peace and orderliness in our homes and provide a counterbalance to the hectic, crowded outside world give. The material used is not glorified. He is reduced to what it is. The timber unfolds in just its natural beauty.