The purchase of a safe can be useful also for private households. What is safer, a wall safe or a safe furniture?

More and more people decide to their valuables, papers, deeds, bullion coins or cash kept in her own home in a safe. Vaults of the higher security levels are also well suited to in principle. However, one should look for when buying safes to quality and a high level of security, so they really are burglar-proof as well. When buying a safe can the customer for domestic use, the choice between a wall safe and furniture safe. wall safes are built into the wall. This is, however, requires a wall that has the required strength, resulting in many new buildings is not so simple. If you build the vault, for example, in an outer wall, a must be reckoned with on the energy losses resulting vulnerability.

An alternative for personal use: furniture safes

Furniture safes are therefore in many cases a better alternative for private use. Perhaps you know a furniture safe from your last vacation hotel, as well as in hotel rooms, furniture safes are usually integrated into the closet. The advantage of furniture safes wall safes is compared to their smooth integration. You need to incorporate a furniture safe can open up any walls, but only find a suitable piece of furniture. However, it is advisable for the furniture safe a place in the flat pick, as the burglars can not be found. In addition, choose a compact piece of furniture such as a large wardrobe and anchor it to the best furniture safe even in the wall or floor. Pieces of furniture that you can take as little chests of drawers, a TV Lowboard and the like are not naturally suited.


The disadvantages of furniture safes

Furniture safes have only disadvantages, if you in selecting the appropriate site and installation mistakes. Is the furniture safe installed for example in a wardrobe that consists of the currently used laminated wood, it can be easily broken by burglars without the use of special tools. In a furniture safe that is anchored in the ground or wall or integrated into a massive, rugged enclosure, this is much more difficult. A risk remains that the furniture can be safe from burglars, but remains forever. At this point, wall safes are more secure.

For this and other reasons, anyway, the best and safest solution is the combination of safes and alarm systems for private homes. Alarm systems are no longer expensive. Those who opt for a safe storage place as his precious objects is, of course, according to the vault to secure the alarm system. As a conclusion it can be said that safes are good for home use and relatively inexpensive way to pick up valuables. Vulnerabilities are primarily dependent on the selected box, the size, type of installation and other factors. If it is possible, one should give preference to a wall safe vault, one can in the ground or wall anchored safe furniture, however, constitute a good alternative.