If you are shopping for garage doors for your home, both aesthetics and safety should be on the top of your priority list. The Australian Garage Door Association ensures that the highest possible standards for products and services are adhered to by its members, so if you have found a dealer you want to work with, make sure they are registered with AGDA.

AGDA recently conducted a survey on safety standards and it emerged that many service providers are not adhering to safety standards and regulations. If you have gone to the expense of buying and fitting a garage door you have every right to request the relevant safety protocol to ensure that your family and visitors to your home are protected. Out of the survey, which was conducted across 500 residential doors, it was found that single garage doors were the most popular, taking up 74 per cent of installations. Double doors accounted for 20 per cent of installations and triple doors only 3 per cent.

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From the survey it emerged that sectional garage doors were the most popular, comprising 55 per cent of installations, followed by roller doors which were fitted in 38 per cent of homes. 64 per cent of all doors that were fitted were smaller than 3-meters in size.

When it came to safety matters however installers did not appear to be following through. 28 per cent of the respondents who were surveyed said they were not supplied with documented safety instructions or manuals and a further 45 per cent reported not getting a safety briefing by their installer once their garage door had been installed. 35 per cent of those who had been given manuals no longer had them in possession by the time the survey was conducted.

What was of concern was that 94 per cent of doors were not fitted with electric beams and 96 per cent were not fitted with a safety edge. All doors need to comply with safety recommendations to ensure that parents, children and pets are not at risk. Doors also need to be serviced and maintained every year to ensure that they are still in good working order and do not pose a threat to your family’s safety.

Electric beams and safety edges minimize the chances of something or someone getting in the way of a closing door and being harmed. They are security features to protect your family and should be implemented to ensure that everyone is kept safe.

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This post was written by Sarah Bolt, on behalf of the Steel-Line garage doors company. Sarah is passionate about home improvement and enjoys writing about it. She is a seasoned real estate agent.