The garage is the perfect place for a workshop. As the types of activities you get up to in a workshop are likely to cause mess and noise, your home garage is the ideal place to have it as it is separate from the rest of the house. Whether you want a workshop for wood work, metal work, engine work or DIY, you will treasure your time in your personal garage workshop.

Garages are more useful than cellars as they often provide more ventilation; you can simply open your garage door to let in fresh air and the sunshine. If you don’t want to use the whole garage for your workshop, you can set up a workshop area and keep room for storing your car, bike or anything you are keeping there in storage. Purchasing a work bench on wheels means that your workshop can be mobile and convenient.


Your workshop should be created the way you want it, and it should fit your needs, after all, you will be the one using it! What you do with your garage will depend on your budget, space and preferences, but for some, creating a workshop will be as simple as clearing out the clutter and putting up a workbench.

It is important to have a lot of light in your workshop to prevent injuries while working in the dark. If you have windows, this should let in a lot of light in the day time, along with keeping the room warm, but if not, you should light the garage with a combination of overhead and desk lighting. Use a desk lamp that can be moved around so you can shine the light into particular areas for work.

Ventilation is very important for your workshop as fumes from varnishes, stains and other products can be harmful and can compromise the air. Sawdust can also be a nuisance and make it uncomfortable to breath. To combat this, you should keep windows and doors open when you are doing anything like sanding or sawing. Keep a couple of portable fans nearby to create a breeze. You can also invest in a dust collector to collect dust from your tools like table saws.

You will obviously need a workbench for your workshop. You can purchase these from many outlets, but you may wish to build one yourself to save money. Many project books, magazines and websites have plans for creating a workbench.

You can arrange your tools however you want, and what you decide to purchase will depend on what you are using your workshop for. Try not to buy unnecessary tools as this will cost extra money and take up room. It is far better to pay more for a premium product than to buy many budget tools. Some of the things you will need to purchase to make your workshop are lamps, portable fans, shelves or racks for storage, a table saw, a jointer, a bin nearby to collect scraps and rubbish, stationary, a drill and glue. There are many other things you could purchase for your workshop, as mentioned earlier, it all depends on you!

We hope you enjoy your homemade garage workshop and find the time for your hobbies. Speaking to a garage door company before you build any garage could also help to incorporate a workshop into the initial design.