These outdoor furniture can be aluminum, clay, or plastic Hularo and are a very interesting offer for decorating the garden.

A wide range of furniture of garden, made ​​of different materials. Within this furniture, wrought iron and wood represent the most desirable choice for consumers, although the price, in most cases, is high. The outdoor furniture listed below are for those whose desire consists in having a garden with a durable furniture at the same decorative and without spending much money.

Garden furniture made of plastic or synthetic resin

They are not liked by most experts in decorating the home, but no doubt they are practical furniture and also have many decorative possibilities.

Advantages of plastic garden furniture: high resistance to external agents such as sunlight or rain. Easy to clean and pick up as they are chairs and tables stacked. Wide range of colors and designs, which is worth to consider if you want a change of scenery from time to time. They are cheap furniture.
Disadvantages of plastic garden furniture: they offer little resistance to heavy objects or excessive application of heat. Be careful with very strong gusts.


Aluminium Garden Furniture

It is ideal as an alternative to wrought iron furniture, and a lower price.

Advantages of aluminum outdoor furniture: High resistance to corrosion and external agents (sun, rain and frost). Lightweight and easily portable. Unlike iron, are movable, which need no maintenance . Manufacturers have gotten almost the same designs with iron furniture.
Disadvantages of aluminum garden furniture: Easy drag by strong gusts of wind.

Garden furniture glazed earthenware

It is a type of outdoor furniture in their manufacture has been added in addition to fire clay, a layer of enamel hardener and decorated by hand. They are elegant and durable furniture, and is mostly used in tables, consoles and shelves.

Advantages of furniture garden clay: high resistance to external agents and require no maintenance. The enamel layer provides full protection. Bring a touch of distinction.
Disadvantages of outdoor furniture mud: its price is somewhat higher than previous ones, since the decoration is done by hand, and the tables must be added resistant legs, usually iron.

Hularo garden furniture

For those who want a garden with wicker furniture, but is dissatisfied with the disadvantages of this material (low resistance to water and sun), there is Hularo. It is a synthetic product that mimics perfectly the wicker, ideal for decorating with a rustic environment, a lower price and are maintenance-free furniture.

Garden furniture loom

This cellulose-coated aluminum, in a variety of colors to choose from. A dark tone, for example, provides a look woody to outdoor furniture. It is highly resistant, comfortable and requires no maintenance. For its advantages, loom furniture have become a boom in recent years.

How to choose outdoor furniture

Buying the right furniture depends on several factors, depending on the tastes and preferences. However, in many cases there is a budget problem, which requires disposal more expensive furniture. The exterior decoration, furniture above satisfy its role to perfection, provided that when considered homogeneous, without fanfare and respecting the biggest advantage of a garden space.