The right design and appropriate materials are able to contribute to realize a functional garden and with the right furniture. And in fact important to know that not all woods are good for structures exposed to the weather. What wood to choose garden furniture we can know by reading this guide.

The garden furniture made ​​with wood of high quality , means making it suitable to withstand pressures, rot, warping and mildew. These elements are 4 basic elements that if we carefully studied avoid structural damage after a period of exposure to the weather. The quality wood, no matter what type it is, is able to provide a design elegant and durable choice.

To furnish the garden all of wood, then you have to begin structural furnished that includes the fences of the flower beds. These types of furniture should make them with the cedar that is a good choice , since it is resistant to water, mold and keeps away insects. We speak of course of a wood rather expensive compared to other, however, if the budget is not limited to considering is that it is a timber that is suitable to resist moisture and other common problems. Alternatively find the cheapest pine but to be treated with paints, and can still be a good choice for the decoration of the garden and to make vases or container’s borders.


Once in the secluded garden with a facade decor, we can continue talking about the garden furniture and the type of wood to choose from. For tables and chairs, the ideal is the Iroko. It is a very durable wood African both from the point of view of hardness and from that usury; fact, this wood does not detract in any way either in the presence of rain that especially very strong sun. The color of a light brown shiny or bright is ideal for decorating your garden in an elegant way, also creating a nice platform that can serve as a basis for a patio.

Another type of wood to choose from for the garden furniture, such as for the box for storage of tools or benches is undoubtedly the walnut. This type of wood stands up well to wind and rain, and high temperatures including direct sunlight. However, as already mentioned in the introductory phase for the pin, must also be treated. If you want to decorate a garden with furniture and objects of great value, then the choice of the walnut is the best, and if you want to maintain the natural color of the paints are transparent on its surface forming a protective film for each climatic adversity.