The warm season is almost upon us and with it a growing desire to spend time outdoors with friends and family. Lunches and dinners in the company on the terrace or in the garden are an essential pleasure of summer , but to live these moments in and relaxing nights sleep is essential to have the ‘”equipment” right, or furniture attractive exterior and durable . The garden furniture are available in many different designs, materials and colors: If you still have not decided or do not know which to choose, we can help you.

We begin by the most economical and practical at all, those in plastic and resin. Tables, chairs and benches made ​​of these materials are lightweight, easy to clean and maintain, highly weather-resistant and comfortable, even if they are not the most from aesthetic point of view, it is rather linear furniture designed to adapt to any environment, but almost never are supported by design and facilities particularly original. Choose furniture made ​​of plastic and resin if you want to take a quick solution without spending much, these furnishings are also for sale in the best supermarkets a few Euros, with a price that will vary slightly depending on the model, size and color, usually white or green (slightly more expensive).


The right mix of style and convenience is offered by outdoor furniture in wood, available in many models adaptable to any style. Wood is a natural material and “hot”, which has the advantage of immediately give the place a cozy and intimate, the outdoor furniture made ​​from this material, suitably treated, reach an excellent level of resistance to weathering, which enables , with the appropriate precautions and some trick, to keep them in perfect condition for many years. If you choose garden furniture in wood, pay attention to the brand, texture and finishing: spend a little ‘more, often turns out to be the best investment for the future.

Regardless of the type of garden furniture you choose, at the time of purchase do not forget to give due consideration to textiles that will complete them: cushions, mats and outdoor tents can be found in a multitude of styles and fabrics, at costs that ranging from a few more Euros to digit incurred. Pay special attention to the combination and the mixing of patterns and fabrics to create an external environment comfortable, cheerful and funny. The textiles are also a very good and profitable opportunities for savings in case you wish to renew your old furniture without buying a new one: simply adding beautiful padded and soft, they immediately gain a fresh and modern appeal.