Window treatments are not just for decoration. With rising energy rates, the proper windows can help reduce your energy costs, as well as conserve heat in the winter time and coolness in the summer time. Manufacturers today are aware that consumers are looking for windows that not only enhance the value of their homes, but also help them create a comfortable living environment. Many consumers overlook the benefit of proper window features.

Depending on the climate in which the home is located, the windows can make all the difference in the world in regards to regulating indoor temperatures. Energy efficiency does not mean that you have to sacrifice your creative dreams and designs or your home.With a little planning, you can reap the benefits of both aesthetics, as well as managing the energy efficiencies of the home.


A consumer should first have a clear understanding of how their existing windows serve their homes. Before a consumer sits down with a window manufacturer, they should know where all of the windows are located in the house and the current state of repair for each window. First, which windows receive the morning and noonday sun? Which windows receive a steady breeze? Which windows are open to the outside and which ones are protected by outside shade trees and other structures? All of these questions are essential in understanding how the natural environments currently affect the energy utilization inside of your home. It may even be helpful for a homeowner to draw or sketch a map which shows all of the elements discussed above. 

With the information discussed above in hand, a homeowner can now organize their thoughts as to which windows will require maintenance and what the design ideas are for each window. The homeowner should then make specific notes as to the comfort level of the home during different times of the day and whether they need to keep the blinds or shades closed to keep certain rooms from overheating. Homeowners should also decide if they want movable windows which could be opened or closed more easily to capture the morning and afternoon breezes.

With these thoughts in mind, the homeowner can confidently meet with a window manufacturer with the ability to assist with the design elements of window selection. They can also draw upon an extensive inventory of various blinds, shutters, shades and other window features which are energy efficient. A good manufacturer, such as Affordable Blinds (visit their website at, will be able to tell you with specificity, the ratings and qualifications of each window element to serve the function of your particular home. A good manufacturer will also understand that no two homes are identical, and that the maximum energy efficiencies can be achieved by careful planning and selection of the proper window elements. When hiring a window treatment company, always ensure that they are properly licensed and bonded to complete all work and that the products and services are guaranteed.