With the increase in supply of rental properties, you need to take care of every detail to avoid being with a house empty.

1. Remove personal items : allow potential tenants to imagine themselves in the house. family photographs and objects easily identifiable with the owner make the house less attractive. ‘no one would want to sleep in the old mattress grandma!’

2. Be minimal: it is known that in the long run the apartments become a sort of ‘refugium’. it is essential to free up spaces to give an overview of the most pleasant, tidy and make it look like the biggest apartment and spacious.

3. Enter some floral decoration: it is an expensive operation and will add a touch more to the house when you show to prospective tenants / buyers. you can use real flowers or fake. place several vases around the house, some in the other day in the sleeping area or even in the bathroom.

4. Make sure there is junk and clutter around : if you use a shelf to hold your items, make sure it is clean, tidy and uncluttered as possible before showing the house. this helps potential tenants to view the actual space available in the house. If you want to know details information you could visit Apartment for Rent.


5. Furnishes and repositions the furniture: repositioning the furniture of the house, if any. if the property is empty, may let the decor to show potential customers how to make the most of the space, explaining to them that it is for demonstration purposes only. if there is a carpet on the floor, you have to make sure it is free of dust and furnishing complements.

6.The surrounding landscape: the you should devote some attention. the grass in the yard should be well maintained and all the weeds must be removed. the hedges must be well cut, as well as any bushes. the family that will use it, it would like to see in good condition since the first visit.

7. Clean, clean and clean again! not possible to live in an immaculate all the time. this can be one of the most stressful aspects of having a home on the market, but it is worth the effort, with the goal of selling / renting at a higher price.