The Woodwork Josh Collection is one of a series of furniture collections for children created and sold by Woodwork. “Josh” contains a number of very simple items for infants, toddlers, and older kids so that their furniture needs are well looked after from infancy to their early teens.

Stage One

The first stage is that time when diapers are a part of life and your baby needs to be protected at all times while sleeping. He needs a crib, but not just any crib. Make it a US bed with attached sections for baby and parent. The US bed features the crib, of course, plus an open section with a chest on it. Mom can sit down and peer inside at her baby, providing a moment of comfort before sleep or before her baby is being lifted out in the morning. Regular baby beds and a diaper changing platform are available as well.


The Toddler Years

When a child moves on to needing something bigger and wants to get used to sleeping in an ordinary bed, the transition is easily made with the Woodwork Josh collection at Saffron And Lewis. Buy a day bed with rails around three sides. Until your child feels safe without protection, point the rails outside. When he wants to try sleeping without rails, turn them to the wall. Regular, rail-free junior beds are also available.

Lifting Kids Higher

Mezzanine beds are like bunk beds; only a gap is left under the top bunk. This style is ideal for the older child who needs more than a place to sleep: she requires a quiet place to study in her small bedroom. Josh makes a desk to fit right underneath with steps built into a spot where drawers would be on one side. Real drawers are on the other side. If you really do need a second bed, buy the twin to fit beneath the top bunk or select a full bunk bed.

Storage Space

Storage is important because from an early age kids get through a lot of clothes. Thanks to mud, dirty diapers, and unsuccessful feeding attempts, a mother could be changing her baby’s or toddler’s clothes three times a day or more. Where does she store them? She keeps a wardrobe with drawers and cubbies or a dresser in the room as well. All designs are without embellishment and fit nicely together as an ensemble in any combination. Choose a colour you like for most items and Woodwork Josh will even personalize certain pieces with the name of your child.