As hurricane season is fast approaching, you need to know if your air conditioning Roswell is ready. Everyone knows about the typical warnings you hear during hurricane season such as turn over your tables that are outside, bring your plants indoors, and board up your windows but what are the recommendations for protecting your air conditioning unit.

Securing Air Conditioners during Hurricane Season

Air conditioning units are huge investments for your home; make sure you are protecting them during hurricane season too. The best thing to do when it looks like a power outage is in your near future is to shut everything down. This will minimize the danger of your compressor burning up or the circuits blowing out. The best way to cut your air conditioner off is at the thermostat and the circuit breaker to avert power surges. Power surges could pose a shock or fire hazard if it floods due to hurricanes. Hurricane season usually means dangerous lightning, high winds, and falling debris to protect your outside unit from that make sure it is covered and secured.

When securing your outside air conditioner unit you can use hurricane straps and also check the bolts holding your base to make sure the bolts are not rusted. Once you have secured the outside air conditioner unit, look around and secure the area around it. You can move loose objects like outdoor toys, plants and furniture that may be a hazard when winds pick up. Also, do not turn your air conditioner back on during or directly after the storm ends. In doing this you could damage your unit, keep it off for up to 30 minutes after the storm and make sure to walk around your home when it is safe and check the outside unit for dents that may have been caused by falling debris before starting your air conditioner back up. If you think you see something that may have damaged your unit call a qualified professional air conditioner repairman to check and ensure your unit is still in proper working condition.

An air conditioner is a huge investment we make in our homes; they can cost us up to $20,000, so protecting that investment is very important. Although we can’t stop the weather, we can prepare for it. When preparing for hurricane season make sure to secure your outside unit, cut off your unit from the circuit breaker, cut of the thermostat, and do not turn it back until you have been cleared by an air conditioner technician that it is safe. Turning on your unit after it has been damaged by a hurricane can ruin your unit and result in costly repairs or premature replacements. Have a skilled and qualified technician check your unit after any severe weather to ensure your safety and to ensure your unit is working properly.