If you are based in the UK you will probably be aware of the many listed buildings around the country which have achieved this status through their age and some of these are a point of interest among local tourists. If you’re based in the Midlands though, and you have one of these listed buildings there are some people out there that rely on local tradesmen to help bring these buildings up to date in regards to certain laws.

There are many skilled carpenters around the local area which can easily help you out when it comes to regulations. Eastwood’s Carpentry are one of the big names around that supply double glazed windows for Leicester in the form of solid wood timber frames. By taking on an expert you can be assured that you will not only get the right type of wood, the best frames and the best craftmenship but also free friendly advice when it comes to dealing with the local council and making your windows look spot on.

What are the listed building regulations?

In order to bring many buildings up to date, there are many regulations around the types of wood that are used as well as what can and cannot be done. Double glazing is often missed out in many old buildings and can cause problems with energy efficiency in heating systems which is why the regulations are in place.

Other regulations include things like problems with the age of the building and possible problems that might come from the structure. If a building has a wooden window that is now maintained, this could easily cause a problem to the general public with the risk of it wearing away and possibly collapsing.

Before deciding on whether you need the work carrying out it might be a good idea to just speak to a local joiner about your timber windows to see if they can offer any free advice or put you in touch with the local authority that will be able to give you the best information when it comes to the status of your listed building.

What can you expect from your timber windows?

Not only will you be on the right side of the law when it comes to timber windows and how they are fitted in your listed building, but in the long run it will add value to your home and avoid any potential inspection. By getting them done now you will find that it will add a nice new feeling to your home whilst still keeping its heritage.