It’s really magnificent how with a little effort and patience old furniture can be transformed into something new which is even more beautiful and charming than the previous construction. There are so many various projects around the web for repurposing and recycling vintage finds, from windows and shutters to doors and ladders. As we know that every one of you have some old-fashioned door that’s just taking dust in the basement, we’ve made a list of give a life to your old door projects. Here you will find everything you need! So, check out our collection and you would never ever think of throwing away an aged door! Let’s get crafty and creative!

DIY Desk from Vintage Doors

old door projects

We’re opening the countdown with a project that’s just perfect for your working office. If you have more than one door and you’re without idea what to with it, then make a DIY working desk by yourself. It’ll look modern, but with a touch of vintage accent!

Old Door Projects Turned Shelving Unit

old door projects

The next suggestion on our list will help you to use your free corner space in the right way by making a DIY shelving unit. All you have to do is to paint your aged door in some chic color (mint, brown or maybe pink?!) and to start transforming it. This is simple and easy project that can be done by anyone on any skill level!

Upcycled Vintage Door Beverage Bar Station

With the spring season approaching, you’ll be spending more and more time in your backyard. High temperatures will make you a cold drink addict and that’s the main reason why you have to upcycle your vintage door into beverage bar station. Practical solution that will make a statement in every garden!

DIY Porch Swing

One more gardening project! This DIY porch swing is made out from an old door and is definitely an idea that will keep you busy for day. However, the end result is surely worth the effort!

Salvaged Door Coffee Table

Coffee table is a piece of furniture that we all need for our living room. But new table doesn’t always mean spending money, especially when you live in DIY era. So, instead of buying it, start transforming your old salvaged door into wonderful coffee table that looks elegant and can be used as a storage solution!

DIY Door Organizer

Kitchen is a place that can easily become a real mess, so you can never have enough storage for all the tools you own. Here is an idea that will show you how to make a wall organizer from old door, like the one in the picture above. We assure you that you’ll love it!

Vintage Door Shelves

We’re closing our list with the most stunning old door projects of all. Make shelving system out of an aged door and you’ll get a vintage piece of furniture that will bring a dose of coziness at your home. Simple for creating, this shelves are a real proof how you can give a life to all ancient stuff!