As is the case with prospects color can help a lot to make a stay in our house or even the whole house, can have an appearance of being larger than it really is. How can we achieve this effect? Correctly, choosing the right color is paramount and much notices the change but not only be painted the walls but also the roof and combine it with the different colors have our soil. We will give you a few tips so you can make your home look bigger.

How to give breadth to the house with colors

Light is one of the points to keep in mind what we should play in terms of the color range with which to paint the home always trying to avoid dark colors give the feeling of making smaller stays where we are? That is the trend that many people have in mind and have the idea that you should never wear dark colors but if used properly can help to create an ideal visual effect. For example, if we live in a house with very high ceilings they can be painted in dark colors. The feeling is that the ceiling seems lower but also makes wider the area where you have painted.

Separate areas can be a good option to give spaciousness to a room for example. Suppose we use the room as a work area what to do is separate the colors, ensuring that the sleeping area has more relaxed colors and working area with more bright colors. In addition to the light colors to enhance, their effect we can play with mirrors a classic that never fails. In this case, we place it in an area close to a window the result will be much better. Another great alternative to get the feeling of spaciousness we are looking for is to paint the furniture of the same color or light colors, which make us win more space.

Should the stay we want to paint too much light the colors that we choose must be cold i.e. green, gray or blue among others help us find a better balance between light, color and space. Find a good distribution of our furniture can be another solution to solve the problem of space that normally we usually have at home.