At the last “Fair renovation and new home”, I presented a rather spectacular kitchen design. My team and I had the chance to explore new materials and new directions in design, because the goal was to surprise and impress. My colleague Natalie Levesque and I wanted to create a setting and brightness while our choice of materials and coatings were inspired. The glass was for us an attractive option, especially since we had the opportunity to print a pattern of our choice.

The food we made was the subject of many laudatory comments. It’s not every day you can see completely covered glass cabinets which moreover was digitally printed an image on a large scale. The panels of glass, no handle, nothing that can not refer to kitchen cabinets as they have been known to date. The system for opening the doors of the lower engaging a simple push of the knee, those at the top of a light finger pressure, firms have become “blind”, turning them into elements quite appropriate for use in kitchens open space or lofts, by exposing your kitchen table as a great teacher!


The endless possibilities of glass

By design, the possibilities are endless glass and have no limits as your imagination, or your designer. Inspired by the latest European trends, the company offers Barazin, through some manufacturers of kitchen cabinets, a full range of innovative products custom made to your needs and specifications. Just think, in addition to the panels of cabinets, a backsplash, to lower shelves of boxes internally illuminated projecting on the counter, a counter top or division: all applications are now possible.

Digital printing on ceramic glass

The latest in glass is unquestionably digital printing on glass ceramic. This advanced technology allows printing of images, textures or patterns on any piece of glass embedded in your decor. In addition to kitchen cabinets, imagine the effect in a bathroom on the furniture or built-in storage Straight from the oven!

The glass is first printed and then supplied to the oven where the toughened ceramic pigments are fused to the glass under the effect of heat. Thus, the image is resistant to abrasion and UV rays. The image can be printed on clear glass or acid and available in 10 different colors. The effect is simply spectacular and stunning! For those that the strength of the product may be a concern, know that the glass panels are hardened and designed to dispose of “ball” and not sharp glass breakage.